10 Best Gaming Chair Under $150 | Top Picks Of 2021

The gamers compete at the top levels in this video game once they purchase the most reliable, comfortable, and quality gaming chairs. But in this informative article, we’ll take a look at five of the very best gaming chairs under $150.

Spending the entire day sitting on your butt or back is not healthy. However, it is manageable by purchasing the best gaming chair which complements you. I suggest you buy this chair for under $150 with its wide variety of features and benefits.

In this essay, I’ve chosen the top five choices because they’re simple to construct, cheap, durable, and comfortable. If you don’t find these choices appealing for any reason, I have written a buying guide at the end of this report.

10 Best Gaming Chair Under $150 | Top Picks

1. GTRACING Ergonomic Gaming Chair

2. RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair

3. Killbee Large Reclining Gaming Chair

4. Vitesse Gaming Chair 

5. E-WIN Gaming Racing Chair

6. Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair 

7. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

8. Ferghana Gaming Chair

9. Ergonomic Gaming Chair 

10. Gaming Chair with Footrest

1. GTRACING Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 150
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Large reclining and rocking
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Added chair cushion
  • Lumbar headrest pillow offer
  • Studying and gaming


This chair is extremely comfortable with its ergonomic design, making it a great choice for people with different body shapes.

Aluminized lumbar cushions and removable headrest pillows provide added comfort. The armrests, backrests, and armrests can be adjusted to make the chair comfortable from head to toe.

GT RACING chair is fully detachable in 360 degrees so you can move around, and the material used is of high quality with a robust base, durable PVC, metal frame, and smooth-rolling wheels.

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This amazing gaming chair looks appealing and has smooth contours so that you can feel comfortable with it.

A simple control system makes it possible to raise, lower, or adjust the armrest as desired.

This Multifunction chair has smooth wheels and good quality casters that carry a heavy load yet move smoothly. It is suitable for all human body contours and has a metal frame and easy-to-clean material.

You can rock the chair from side to side, and the backseat can be turned from 90 degrees to 170 degrees. Besides that, the chair comes with a 12-month warranty.

2. RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 150
  • Racecar-style gaming chair
  • Adjustable headrest pillows
  • Reclining 90 – 155 degrees
  • 360 degrees of swivel rotation 
  • 275 pound weight capacity


It is a high-heeled chair with many settings that are designed to give excellent support to the neck and back. RESPAWN is designed with the finest ergonomic comfort.

This awesome chair comes with an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows, as well as padded armrests. There are multiple locking options with the Re-spawn gaming chair, and it’s got four d armrests so you can adjust it to your arm’s length.

This chair can be removed from its footrest, and it’s supported by hard alloy bars, which keep it sturdy. This chair has been made using soft ribbon stitching bonded leather, making it look very professional in your gaming room or office. The weight capacity of this chair is 275 lbs.

This chair comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and the segmented cushioned design provides contoured support. It has been designed in a race care style. It provides ultimate comfort and luxury to gamers and gamers of all ages. It is extremely durable and offers long-term use.

3. Killbee Large Reclining Gaming Chair

  • Metallic framework at premium quality
  • 1-year warranty on replacement parts
  • Particularly intended for obese players
  • 180-degree reclining backrest
  • Arm-rests can be corrected in three places


The Gaming chair you choose should be a perfect fit for you if you are a big and tall gamer. However, most advanced gaming chairs are made for the average and skinny gamer.

This chair provides users with a great and remarkable experience at an affordable price, and it can withstand 400 pounds of weight.

It has an open ergonomic design with wide surfaces that are suitable for many body types. It has a hardy and balanced recliner system that is good even for large gamers.

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It has super comfortable polyurethane foam cushions on the backrest as well as 4D adjustable armrests. It is an ergonomic gaming chair designed with numerous functions. Different kinds of cushions and resting places allow you to relax after a hard day’s work.

The chair functions as a multi-functional and flexible furniture piece with a wide back that narrows to 180 degrees and contains padding on the trunk and footrests.

PU leather covers the chair’s outer surface so that it is easy to keep clean. It is made of a durable foam material that’s easy to clean. Multi-direction PU casters allow it to move easily on any floor, whether it is wooden or carpeted.

4.Vitesse Gaming Chair Sillas Gaming Racing Style

  • 90°~180° reclining chair
  • 360-degree swivel function
  • Gas lift meets SGS standards
  • Steel-wood combined frame
  • Based on 5-10 hours of use


The UOMAX is a high-quality, ergonomic gaming chair that has been specially tailored for those with larger body types. The chair is crafted with strong stitching and cushioned cold foam with leather upholstery.

This rocking chair reclines to 180 degrees, making relaxing after hours of gaming possible. It also includes a rocking function that causes it to move forward and back.

With the reduced back pillow, there is a massage feature that vibrates the thoracic area. There is a pullout footrest and double pillows for the back and top.

This chair is tall and without wings, allowing even the biggest gamers to sit comfortably. It has adjustable armrests, and there is lumbar support. A 360-degree swivel feature can be present so the chair can be rotated easily.

The seat cushion is padded with retina foam increasing its durability. It has a five-star steel base with powerful casters and a gas lift that meets the SGS standards. You can get 24X7 customer support and installation instructions for the chair.

5. E-WIN Gaming Racing Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 150
  • Fantastically Comfortable
  • Covered by premium PU leather
  • Breathable and soft
  • Integrated metal frame
  • E1 Environmental painting avoids rust


A gaming chair with high-quality materials and crafted innovatively in ergonomic design. This chair is cushioned with the most recent cold-cure foaming sponge, which offers elasticity and warmth that does not increase even after long sitting.

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The E-WIN chair is built to support both the neck, back, and shoulders. The chair has a racing-type curve in its back, supporting both the neck, back, and shoulders. The lumbar pillow is flat and distinct, so the back is enhanced in relaxation.

It can bear a maximum weight of 330 pounds but is not suitable for gamers under 11″. The E-WIN gaming chair’s high quality means that it stands out. Its seat feels like it is in the back of a sports car.

6.Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair 

  • High Back adjustable 90-180 angle
  • Stable and thinkcer chair chassis and chair
  • High density (40kg/m³ ) foam made
  • Better Resilience than others
  • More Strict production Control


Cyrola has been built for larger men and women who need high-quality ergonomic aid. The chair is comfortable and sturdy for sitting for extended periods.

Cyrola gaming chair’s pillow is thick and foamed with a futon sponge that is strong and stays firm for some time. It fits up to 180 degrees so that you can relax with fantastic ease.

With this chair, you are certain to get cushioned comfort and lateral support to ensure your back is stress-free. With the integrated footrest, it’s enjoyable through the cozy recline. You are certain to get adjustable neck and knee cushions that enhance your spinal relaxation.

The chair’s adjustable armrest is its most important feature. It has a metallic frame that’s remarkably load-bearing, and it’s an elevator cylinder of SGS class 3. The 5-star steel base has smooth and steel brakes for easy movement.

7. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 150
  • Tilt, rock, or swivel, adjust at your own pleasure
  • Dirt & fade resistant PU leather
  • 4.8-inch thick high-density memory foam
  • Complete metal framework & Heavy-duty wheelbase
  • Class 4 hydraulic piston (Max capacity: 300 LB)
  • Designed for Comfort 180 degrees full tilt mechanism


This chair features an adjustable neck cushion and telescopic footrest so that you receive enhanced support and relaxation.

There is a vibrating massage feature for the chair’s lumbar support cushion as well. The chair’s cushion is 4.8 inches thick and is cushioned with high-density foam, making it more comfortable.

With Ficmax, you can get excellent after-sales service with a replacement or money-back warranty within one month. You will also receive a 12-month warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

A squeaky chair may exist, but it still has impressive ergonomics. This is a budget-friendly chair with impressive ergonomics, and it is one of the most popular PC chairs. The PU leather of this is highly durable and does not fade.

8.Ferghana Gaming Chair

  • Tubular metal frame, lasting and durable
  • Thicker integral molding foam padding
  • High quality PU cover which is easily cleaned
  • Ergonomic head, back, lumbar support
  • 360-degree swivel / 90 to 180-degree mechanism
  • Smoothly height-adjustable / Adjustable armrests


There are removable and adjustable headrests and a lumbar pillow in the chair for a comfortable sitting posture.

While gaming or working, the chair provides complete support to the spine with its contours. The chair provides 360-degree cushioning, and there is a multi-direction wheel that turns smoothly.

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You can select a backward angle of 90-180 degrees that is most comfortable for you throughout all of the rocking movements. If your neck or back gets ached after a lengthy video gaming session or working day, then the Jamswin rocking chair might be your best option.

The body of the chair is made out of durable metal alloy. It has extra thick moulding foam cushioning and a PU cover for easy cleaning. Armrests with padded are adjustable, and the wheels make it extremely stable. The chair can hold up to 350 lbs.

9.Ergonomic Gaming Chair 

  • Durable and breathable mesh & high-quality PU leather
  • 43” to 47” by the BIFMA and SGS approved gas cylinder
  • 13.8”, suitable for different heights of people and tables
  • Solid frame and strong nylon five-star chassis
  • Rotated 360 degrees sitting on it


It has a bucket chair and offers the comfort and safety you need to play video games in comfort.
An ergonomically curved back and cool and stylish chair ensure optimum spinal support, reducing back pain.

You may rock your chair back and forth with a knob, and its unique features provide you with the experience of a high-quality chair. The soft cushion of the chair is made of PU leather which is anti-scratch and easy to wipe clean.

You get a flip-up armrest that’s thick and padded, and the height can be adjusted so that the gamer can sit comfortably for hours.

Heat zone gaming chair has a high-quality base and will be used in both offices and homes. The chair has been crafted from durable cloth, and the assembly is easy with instructions provided. This executive chair is swivel served for working, gaming, and studying.

10.Gaming Chair with Footrest

  • Ergonomic design with footrest
  • Multi-function meet all kinds of body shape
  • Thick steel frame, sturdy and stable
  • Elasticity resilience and service life
  • High-quality class-4 gas lift verified by SGS
  • Multi-direction wheels 90 to 180 degree


It is a solidly designed chair and looks great in the home or the office. Kinsal is an ideal option for gamers who are looking for a customized chair.

This chair features a high-rise back, and arches and extra cushions are added for enhanced comfort. It’s an extremely durable chair that weighs about 46 lbs, making it easy to move around.

This racing-style chair can hold up to 280 lbs, with a warranty on the replaceable parts. The Kinsal chair has wheels with a heart cap that is soft on the ground but quite durable.

With a footrest, this chair has a stainless steel frame, which is easy to assemble in a three-step procedure, and also you can place it up and start using it immediately.

This item will come with an ID card stating the specifications and makes. It has a class-4 gas lift verification in accordance with SGS, and the faux leather is skin-friendly and wear-resistant.



Buy a great chair that will inspire you in different places throughout your gaming sessions. These gaming chairs under $150 certainly are a great option for those on budget. You can also search for the one that is perfect for you.

Buying Guide For A Gaming Chair Under $150

Don’t be fooled into thinking there isn’t much choice in this price range, as there is. Although there are plenty of affordable chairs, some will sacrifice quality for the sake of price.

To choose the top gaming chair for the finances, you need to employ your decision-making. You also ought to know what features aren’t needed and how the chair will meet your needs appropriately.

Types of Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs come in three basic types. You can choose a chair depending on your preferences, each chair with its benefits and drawbacks.

Game rocker:

Rocking chairs used for gaming have no foundation and sit directly on the floor. They allow one to adjust the angle while playing. They have been incredibly well-received by people with consoles.

Rocking chairs:

The cheapest and most common kinds of gaming chairs are rushing-type chairs. They are usually built with a wheeled base and adjustable arms. They are also mobility-friendly and tilt-able.

Pedestal Chairs:

Pedestal chairs are similar to rocking chairs and have a suction cup-shaped base, making it possible for them to be tilted and swivel. The pedestal gaming chair is expensive. Therefore, you haven’t seen any of this guide.


In this price range, chairs are usually made from polyurethane (PU) leather. PU leather is like the Bolognese of leather. It is essentially leftover leather or split leather that has been coated with polyurethane to provide the appearance of grain leather.

The fabric nets typically used in outdoor furniture are permeable to air and can dissipate the high temperatures and intense sunlight throughout the year. Many PU leather Gaming chairs are coated with fire retardant compounds which sometimes cause them to have bad smells.

The inside is usually a sponge or foam. It may be compact or perhaps not. Dense cushioning is designed for chairs with very little padding. Non-dense cushioning is designed for chairs with a lot of cushioning to support them.


Most chairs between $100 and $150 often come with good tilt and tilt support. These chairs have 4 or 3 tilt settings and a tilt lock to lock the tilt in place. Most chairs will have minimal tilt and recline support. Most chairs rock on the base.

Weight Capacity:

There is a weight limit on the weight and body mass that chairs can support. Chairs in this price range generally support 250 to 300 pounds (113-136 kilograms). Ensure that the chair will support your weight before buying one.

Frequently Asked Questions For A Gaming Chair Under $150

Exactly what does a gaming chair do?

Primarily, a gaming chair is designed to be as adjustable and comfortable as possible to provide comfort to players and workers who sit for extended periods. Some gaming chairs will come with speakers and charging stations to make the gaming experience more immersive and practical.

Which would be the benefits of a gaming chair?

They are more comfortable and flexible than ordinary office chairs. There are also aesthetically pleasing (depending on your taste). Because of their ergonomic support, they also promote better blood flow than ordinary chairs, and they also reduce muscle stiffness and injuries.

Is a gaming chair advantageous to analyzing?

Even though they are extremely technical and promoted for gamers, they are generally equally good for analysts. Some individuals may be dissuaded from getting gaming chairs due to their physical appearance. They’re great for long hours of analysis. They tend to be especially beneficial to posture and also the spine.