10 Best Gaming Mouse For Palm Grip | Top Picks Of 2021

There are many gaming mice nowadays that is it becoming impossible to know which could be the best. There are so many questions being asked with no accurate responses for them. Exactly what will be the differences between each mouse? Does it have a fantastic detector? And a whole host of different questions.

That will help you answer them, I’ve tested over 20 mice also continue to test the latest mice that are released month by month. I always update this informative article therefore that you may be certain that it is up to date with the most recent gaming mice available.

Inside this most useful hand traction mouse buyers direct I’ll take you through all of the mice I have selected to become worth an area with this list.

The guide is broken up into principal subgroups to use and pay for some scenarios that’ll apply to you. If you were to think I have missed one or want further help, please comment below or talk in my I am always delighted to help individuals find a mouse.

10 Best Gaming Mouse For Palm Grip | Top Picks

Best Gaming Mouse For Palm GripCheck Price
1. Logitech G502 Check Price
2. TeckNet HYPERTRAK Mouse Check Price
3. BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous Check Price
4. Razer DeathAdder Elite Check Price
5. SteelSeries Rival 300 Check Price
6. Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse Check Price
7. BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A Check Price
8. Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Check Price
9. Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse Check Price
10. Razer Orochi Mobile PC Check Price

1. Logitech G502

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse
  • Advanced Optical Sensor
  • On-the-Fly DPI
  • Dual-Mode Hyper-Fast Scroll Wheel
  • Tune to Your Specs
  • Game Ready Details


The Logitech G502 is just one of the ideal mouse traction to get fps out there. It’s 1 1 programmable buttons. Even the mouse might also be programmed with Logitech gaming computer software.

This usually means that you can program each button and then place up light to fit distinct gambling profiles. The power to program the G502 which makes it a rather elastic mouse for gambling.

This mouse features an unbelievable design. Besides its own 1 1 buttons, it’s crucial to be aware that the mouse includes a textured rubberized grip that makes it feasible to grip the mouse together with palms. Even the back of this mouse is level. Generally, that the G502 was created that the make your gambling experience an even comfortable one.

A few other incredible capabilities with the mouse would be its own advanced optical sensor for accurate tracking and habit RGB light to match unique profiles.

With compression configurations of between 200 and 12,000 DPI and weights that are customizable, you’re certain to have maximum relaxation and balance working with this particular mouse. This mouse has been a overall advantage to gamers. It is sensitive and can be watertight. It’s a fantasy come true for everybody who loves the caliber.

2. TeckNet HYPERTRAK Fingertip Grip Mouse

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse
  • Designed with up to 16400DPI
  • 5 adjustable DPI levels
  • 250DPI to 16400DPI via software
  • 16 million RGB LED color options
  • 10 programmable buttons
  • 6 profile settings each


The TeckNet HYPERTRAK is really a mouse specially designed for gamers. Comfort is one of the most important priorities of its designers. If you desire a very accurate and sensitive mouse, this is the most suitable one for you personally.

The reaction time of the mouse is quite fast plus it’s high accuracy. It is encouraged for matches which want speed and precision. The massive size of the mouse wouldn’t block you from enjoying your gaming experience in relaxation.

Its six programmable switches give you unique options to enjoy a wide variety of games. It supports 3 DPI adjustments between 1000 to 2000 DPI. It is still vital that you note if you have sweaty palms this might perhaps not be the ideal finger tip grip mouse list.

Overall though, you’re guaranteed to have a excellent gaming experience utilizing the TeckNet HYPERTRAK. If you appreciate fast reaction time and accuracy above everything , this may be an excellent mouse for you.

3. BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse
  • 3310 optical sensor 
  • 400/800/1600/3200 DPI 
  • Ambidextrous design with multiple shapes
  • Ensuring efficient functionality
  • Adjustable report rate
  • 125/500/1000Hz for different levels
  • Plug and Play (No drivers required)
  • Cable Length 2m / 6. 6ft


If you’re ambidextrous, or when you plan on sharing a mouse that has a unique dominant hand from you, the Zowie FK1 could be your best mouse for you.

Certainly one of its major specific features is the presence of two thumb buttons on each side that can be programmed for diverse purposes in matches. This feature alone is sufficient to offer it a place in our list of most useful fingertip traction mice.

Another fantastic advantage of the Zowie FK1 is that it is easy to install, ostensibly, all you have to do is a plugin and play with it. The presence of just 5 switches will not substantially diminish the overall gaming experience.

It is possible to adjust the DPI from 400 to 3200 and never having to put in any third party software. This is done using a turn at the base of the mouse. To prevent making changes to this DPI by accident without your knowledge, a change in color exerts any shift.

The top is fine to the touch and also the flat arch causes it easy to grip with fingertips. Overall this is a wonderful fingertip grip mouse to get.

4. Razer DeathAdder Elite

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse
  • Perfectly designed to fit snugly
  • Equipped with a 10,000dpi optical sensor
  • 200 inches per second and 50g accelerationS
  • Whether your playing at fast or low speeds
  • The Razer DeathAdder Chroma’s sensor
  • Capable of tracking Z-axis to as low as 1mm
  • Chroma lighting with 16.8 million customizable


The Razer DeathAdder Elite includes all you could need in a fingertip traction mouse. It is one of the ideal fingertip grip mice on earth. Its ergonomic layout is multi-purpose plus it has advanced optical detectors. This causes it to be very responsive and user friendly.

It boasts incredible rate and accuracy. I won’t be overstating it when I replicate how fast it is ( 16,000 DPI at 450 IPS).

Its resolution accuracy of 99.4percent is one of the best on earth. Its overall efficacy does not come at the price of comfort. It’s also a very mouse.

The scroll wheel is easy to regulate and you will find 7 different buttons that can be programmed using the provided applications. Using the RGB settings it is possible to customize the lighting locations. This is definitely an awesome mouse. Comfortable, fast, responsive, it provides you with all you need.

5. SteelSeries Rival 300

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse
  • Zero Hardware Acceleration
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Configurable resolution
  • 30 million click switches
  • 16.8 million color
  • 2 zone illumination


The steel-string stinks 300 has got the advantage of having the ability to attract a broad audience. That is only because it can be used both as a fingertip grip mouse and also as a claw grip owing to its slightly bumped arch. It is a mouse. The rubberized textured sides provide you relaxation through the most intense gaming sessions.

This mouse has six buttons that can be programmed with all the user-friendly SteelSeries Engine 3. It’s possible to configure the resolution up to 6500 DPI. RGB colors are encouraged and just two areas will be illuminated so you can observe the profile you are in charge of.

There is not any noticeable lag between the click of the mouse and also the activity on the computer that makes it an advantage for fast-paced games.

6. Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse
  • Tuning settings customized
  • Compact & ultra-lightweight design
  • 8,000 DPI optical sensor
  • Extreme accuracy for FPS and MOBA 
  • 1,000Hz polling rate pushes the limits
  • USB protocol for imperceptible lag


This mouse has been an asset to have for any gamer. It permits the consumer to do customization and on the game setup. Weighing about 85 g, it is sure to give you the perfect feel. This mouse is suggested for those that prioritize ease and comfort.

The rubberized sides make it effortless for both left-handed and left-handed people to grip. This mouse is especially good for first-person shooter games due to its optical sensor DPI rate of up to 8000. This blade is quite sensitive.

There is little lag due to its 1000 Hz polling speed. The KATER includes default player settings but also comprises 4 programmable buttons.


Best Fingertip Grip Mouse
  • 3360 optical gaming sensor
  • 400/800/1600/3200 DPI
  • Ergonomic design with multiple shapes
  • Ensuring efficient functionality
  • Adjustable report rate 125/500/1000Hz
  • Allowing players to plug and play.
  • Cable Length 2m / 6.6ft


The Zowie EC2-A is intended to suit straight users. It gives optimum comfort to users.

The smoothly curved straight side of this mouse lets your wrist to possess free movement while the left side is easily gripped by your thumb. To optimize your comfort the mouse lifts about 1.5 mm off the mat when in use.

The mouse is also very adaptable. Its striking optical detector readily adjusts at 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI. This usually means the mouse is elevated precision and takes care of acceleration problems.

The adaptability of the ZOWIE EC2-A can be an enormous plus, for this reason, it is thought of as one of the best finger tip grip mouse. Also remember that mouse has a flexible polling pace of 250, 500, and 1000 Hz letting you reduce lagging time as desired.

Today we’ve discussed that the adaptability of the ZOWIE EC2-A, we can share its versatility. The presence of 5 programmable switches and a 16 step scrollwheel gives you the versatility to play a whole collection of games.

Also remember that this mouse may be applied to several operating systems such as 8, 7, 10, 2000, XP, and VISTA windows systems as well as MAC’s X V 10.2 OS. With this mouse, gambling becomes comfy and easy for right-handed users.

8. Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse

  • Exclusive key Slider macro button control
  • A PC with a USB port
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7
  • 12 optimized mechanical side buttons
  • 8 millimeter of key travel
  • Gaming grade 16000 DPI optical sensor
  • Cable 1.8 meter braided fiber


The cosair scimitar expert RGB is really a topnotch Moise for gambling. Its higher level controllers and creative design are manufactured particularly no make the gambling experience a more gratifying one. We will go over a number of its features.

The clear presence of 12 programmable buttons handily placed at the medial side is revolutionary. Yet another remarkable thing is that the buttons possess adjustable positions to optimize every specific user’s gaming experience.

Having its exclusive crucial slider, then you can slip any button-through an 8mm space and lock it set up to be comfortable for you personally.

The curved form of the mouse and also the distinctive feel of the switches ensure that your hands has a wonderful feel of the mouse as well as your clasp is equally good. The four color zones of this RGB LED back light assist you to customize your profile.

Together with three preset profiles along with a chance to customize, there’s a huge experience available for you. You may, but you need to set up the utility applications to research different customization choices.

It needs to be noted additionally that the scimitar expert RGB has quite a fast DPI optical detector rate of roughly 16000 that will be very flexible. This usually means that you may reach very sensitive tracking which suits any mouse-pad.

9. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse
  • Made with and for Pro Gamers
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Super-fast 1-millisecond report rate
  • Up to 25,600 DPI and 10X efficiency
  • Accuracy and responsiveness
  • Microprocessor 32-bit ARM
  • Ergonomic ambidextrous design


Are you a competitive gamer? Would you like a sensitive and reactive mouse? Would you like a mouse with amazing benefits that enhance your capability? If the response to all these questions is yes, then maybe you should consider that the Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse.

Two sticks outside features of the mouse will be its own metal spring button tensioning system that improves click performance and its particular Pixart PMW3366 optical sensor. These features make this among those ideal finger tip grip mouse round.

The optical sensor delivers exceptional tracking for whatever game you want to playwith. Instances of filtering and acceleration are removed and rate, accuracy, sensitivity, and performance are enhanced as a result of the large DPI variety of 200 to 12,000.

The spring switch tensioning system makes clicking faster and easier than in the past. The 6 programmable buttons along with an onboard memory gives you the capacity to map and store game orders for much better performance.

Its RGB spectrum is exceptional, with about 16.8 million to select from to set your profile. Download the Logitech gaming program and you’re going to be able to use its own LIGHTSYNC system to show on and get a handle on the lighting.

10. Razer Orochi Mobile PC Gaming Mouse

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse
  • 6400dpi 4G Laser Sensor
  • Wired/Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Ambidextrous form factor
  • Razer Synapse enabled


Possibly the largest selling point of this Mouse is its versatility. It attracts a wide userbase. Besides being a fingertip grip mouse, it may also be applied as a claw or palm grip mouse. So should you not own a favorite grip or you talk about a mouse using a massive community of gamers, this may be the ideal mouse for you.

Still, another reason this can be a versatile mouse is the fact that it’s intended for use for both righthanded and left-handed customers.

Its blue tooth 3.0 capabilities allow one to use it wirelessly. You could even go to get a wired connection into your laptop. This mouse caters to several preferences.

If you’re a newcomer gamer and you aren’t exactly certain exactly what your favorite mouse is, or you have to appeal a number of people who have different tastes, then this is the go-to mouse.

This mouse uses a 4G laser detector 6400 DPI rating which translates into greater accuracy with up to 100 IPS tracking. In addition, there’s just a bright green light on its scroll wheel. The use of Razer synapse with internet cloud service helps with the setup.



There are a number of ways to carry a mouse, however, some of the most popular are palm grip, where all your palm and fingers create direct contact with the mouse surface. This enables you to strengthen the reaction time in competitive on the web games, also you may respond more rapidly. Though it has its advantages and disadvantages, there we’ve listed a number of the most useful palm grip mice that you may think about buying.

Consider The Things Before You By Palm

The palm grip is best clarified by the player holding the mouse with the entirety in their hands. Their hands usually contact all of the mouse arch and also their palms break against mouse 1 and mouse 2. The palms lie level across each button with no arching.

Even a palm-claw hybrid grip involves a related arrangement except the player tends to arch their hands more compared to a standard palm grip. What this means is that there was less contact between your hands along with the arch of the mouse. The fingers additionally arch very marginally in the place of lying flat such as the full hand grip.

Even the fingertip clasp is simpler to tell apart since there’s a very prominent arch at the hands with only the tips of the fingers having contact across mouse 1 and 2 and another palm around the sides of the mouse.

Selecting a mouse includes a great deal of decisions. If you are seriously interested in your mouse then you definitely need to look at the following criteria to make certain you are considering all of the critical characteristics of a mouse.

The size and form of the mouse you choose will be extremely crucial. This will affect how comfortable you discover the mouse that in my opinion is the main factor in any mouse. That is especially valid for palm grip players. They tend to choose larger mice since their whole hand rests against the mouse. Narrow and small mice in many cases are not suited towards palm grip players unless they have smaller hands of approximately 16-18cm x 7-8cm.

Optic & DPI (Dots Per Inch)

The optic is almost as crucial as how big this mouse you choose. If you play with primarily FPS games this really is even more important to be sure you are in possession of a frequent and accurate aim. Each mouse optic will be summarized and the variety of DPI the mouse offers.


Buttons can range in quality from mouse to mouse. Their travel time and feedback are important aspects that could affect how much you like using the mouse. If you are MOBA or MMORPG player you can also be thinking about unwanted buttons too which may influence your decision.

I am going to remember to mention all of those mice buttons in more detail below to answer most of your questions.

Liftoff Distance (LOD)

Liftoff distance can affect the responsiveness and predictability of your mouse pointer. It’s the amount of distance between the mouse and also the surface until the optic stops reacting to movement.

A high LOD may create unpredictable moves when performing and swiping 180 ends in matches. Therefore mice having a low LOD are considered better, however, that setting is usually doled out on most mice and may often drop to taste.


For palm traction players that they often go for marginally milder mice compared to that of a claw grip or finger tip player. This is simply not a rule, however, just a generalization.

As they use their whole hands to maneuver the mouse that this gives them a higher strength. In addition, they also often utilize more of this forearm and arm to position the mouse instead of their wrist. The weight of this mouse should be considered as well as the size since both the metrics goes together.


An often forgotten part of mice selection could be the cable. I have returned rats before only on account of this cable quality and texture. This is normally personal taste however based on the kind of wire it may lead to vibrations or friction which can be a diversion.

Durability & Texture

Durability and texture are hard to try since they often require a moment. Where necessary I will attempt to comment on the durability and texture of every mouse and also record any problems that have been raised by some other members of the gaming mouse community.

The texture can be crucial as it can make a splash on the clasp and whether or not the mouse gets your hand sweat.

Ergonomic Impacts & Grip Type S

Most gamers will spend countless hours playing their gambling desk with their hands cradling the mouse. Of these gambling sessions, then you should really feel comfortable while also considering how to shield your hands away from getting hurt. When picking a mouse, you must think about if the plan is ergonomic for your playing style. Finding out which kind of gambling mouse traction style is best for you is not simple.


Palm-grip mice inserted into the palm of your hand and also so are more comfortable for very long periods of use. Plus, they’re best used for massively multiply online (MMO) mode gaming, which necessitates a precise and delicate glide control. Palm-grip mice feature relaxed and normal traction for a hand, plus they’re usually wider than the other two mouse grip styles. This style of ergonomic gambling mouse is easily the most popular clasp style on the market, and they’re usually sold for non-gaming functions as well.

Claw Grip

The claw grip mouse demands a much better grip compared to hands grip mode and is most appropriate to real-time mode (RTS) games where the mouse has been transferred across the entire screen. Such an ergonomic gaming mouse style induces the hands to arch upward, helping to make fewer touchpoints with the mouse compared with a handgrip mouse. This causes your hands to produce a claw shape. Claw grip mice are somewhat shorter in length and thinner than palm grip mouse.

Fingertip Grip

A fingertip grip mouse was made to simply provide contact points for the pointer, middle finger, and thumb tips. These three fingers will control the movement of the mouse, as opposed to the entire palm. This form of ergonomic gaming mouse is very good for first-person shooter (FPS) games that require rapid motions and twitch reactions. Such a mouse is tough to get accustomed to initially, but since you proceed to use it, you are going to discover that it becomes easier. The fingertip grip mouse is the shortest in total and includes the lightest weight of three grip styles.

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