10 Best Gaming Mouse | Top Picks Of 2021

Getting the best gaming mouse could mean the difference between being in-game virtually for life and being kicked out. The issue may be that there is no shortage of contenders for the title of the best gaming mouse. It is not always easy to determine which type of gaming mouse is the best. It is one of the most important components of a gaming setup. The difference between victory or defeat can rely on the very best gaming mouse.

You have to consider many factors when selecting a mouse: how it looks, how it feels and fits, which buttons it has, whether it is wired or wireless, whether it has a sensor or not, or so the selection process of the mouse becomes quite challenging. The problem comes into play when you buy a gaming mouse. Most people are they promote. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing a gaming mouse.

When considering your budget, the selection of the perfect gaming mouse comes to an end. You can only afford the best gaming mouse, depending on your budget. Another aspect to consider whenever buying a gaming mouse is its top features, working capacity on the surface, size and power, the quality of the battery, mouse sensor, connectivity, and if it is wired or an invisible gaming mouse.

When choosing the best gaming mouse, you consider the comfort, reliability, cursor movement, mouse dimensions, how large the mouse is based upon your requirements, and how much they handle the working capacity. The primary factor that ends your selection process would be your budget.

The best gaming mice you can pick according to your budget. They are of excellent quality and are fast, efficient, easily mobile, good in performance, remarkably useful, long battery life, have excellent cursor movement, and come at an affordable price. These are the greatest gaming mice on the planet.

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10 Best Gaming Mouse | Top Picks

1. Asus ROG Chakram

2. Razer Viper Ultimate

3. Logitech G903

4. OMEN from HP Photon

5. Logitech G502 Light-speed

6. SteelSeries Rival 710

7. Hyperx Pulsefire Dart

8. Logitech G602 Lag

9. Roccat Kain 202 Aimo

10. Razer Naga Guru

1. Asus ROG Chakram

Best Gaming Mouse
  • 16000 dpi detector
  • Battery lifetime of 7-9 hours
  • Qi technology employed
  • 3 Tri-Mode connectivity


The ROG Chakram mouse has lots of unique features while remaining simple to use. It’s ideal for anybody who wants a wireless, wireless, and Bluetooth mouse. It’s also very convenient to use. It comes with replacement buttons, making it easy to use.

Asus ROG Chakram includes Bluetooth and USB wireless functionality. The device comes with a braided cable with a cable length of 6 feet. It includes a 16000 dpi sensor and a battery lifetime of 7-9 hours. It also works well without charging.

For charging, it is fast on charging when you control the mouse for 1-5 minutes. You can use it for 1 2 hours of playing. It provides wireless charging through Qi technology. There have been no screws involved in the button and cover placement. DJI has simplified the badge personalization process, and ROG is the exclusive manufacturer of push-fit socket switches.

The mouse also features one 400-inch rate per second each time it utilizes 100 to 16000 dpi sensors, and this could be very high-speed. It will connect to your PC with USB, dual wireless, and Bluetooth.
There are three mouse styles to choose from, including the mouse style of an actual analog rod, the joypad’s digital style, and the customization feature you figured out. The analog-style is the easiest to use and is perfect for gaming, especially in any analog controller.

The second version of the mouse is a digital model that lets you supply four analog buttons in real-time or games. It may also be used for scrolling pages and playing games to switch weapons, while the third model also allows you to customize the joystick. You can set the joystick short or long to play games however you wish. If you are playing a match but don’t require using the joystick, you may detach the joystick.

These are the best gaming mice with superior capabilities. These are suitable for gamers who like luxury games, RGB lighting, and fans of those republic gamers. This is an excellent piece of gear, with great battery life and charging. The mouse is unparalleled when compared with its competitors.

Sus ROG Chakram is a very decent mouse. Its quality is impressive, and it appears reasonable to use. Recently, it was launched for the market, and it is one of the ideal gaming mice. Generally speaking, the mouse is well designed, has lots of options and personalization, and can easily be customized. The main idea about the mouse is that of joysticks. The joysticks are perfect for video editing and 3d modeling and are also great for gaming.

This gaming mouse is easy to use and incredibly comfortable in both hands. If you’re interested in a gaming mouse with superior features, then this is the right work mouse for you, no doubt. It’s highly suggested because of its superb design and impressive display. This is the perfect gaming mouse.

2. Razer Viper Ultimate

Best Gaming Mouse
  • 16.8 million color mixes
  • Advanced level sensor
  • 70 million clicks actuation
  • 74g lightweight design


Making the greatest gaming mouse requires speed and stability. The mouse is a more advanced, lightweight, superb feature of advanced level sensor and easy to use. The style and high quality of the mouse would be excellent. The biggest reason to buy this mouse is its wireless performance along with its battery life. The viper uses a high-quality sensor which produces the mouse well featured.

Every one of the mice is not designed wireless alike. To enroll swipes and clicks immediately, LowLatency wireless produces high-speed transmission. Ranked for 70 million clicks actuation at the speed of light. Augmenting the speed of one’s reaction in conflict at 74gallows swifter, more regulated swipes. The plan of the mouse is great, and 16.8 million color mixes are featured with the mouse.

At industry enjoys smoother and quicker control with a gaming mouse. It’s a 74g lightweight design. Of its ambidextrous form factor in the building durability, it accomplishes its weight without endangering. The mouse comes with 70 hours of battery lifetime; one board profile memory consists of 5, 5, and 8 programmable buttons.
If you control it once per week, it’s possible to use it 10 hours each day. You maintain the performance power of the battery and keep it to a high summit. You may trigger the five most onboard memory arrangement profiles of the mouse.

To gain access to the micro and secondary role of the mouse, eight buttons are offered on the mouse. An efficient charging dock adds extra personality to your battle-station. Due to this Razer mouse feature, it is possible to connect the mouse with other devices. Across any surface, enjoy smooth mouse movement in the windmill mouse feet made out of PTFE high-grade material. If you wish to change the feeling of the mouselike, color, lighting, macro, or other function, you’ve got to download Razer synapse 3 and then install it afterward. You customized the setting and feature of the mouse.

The major essential reasons for the mouse will be the sensor, optical switches, and battery lifetime, and the sensor goes as much as 20000 dpi. The hyper-speed technology creates this mouse 25 percent faster than any wireless mouse. You get a faster, reliable experience of less interference. The sensor is scanning for the fastest frequency channel every millisecond. So, it is the fastest, most reliable wireless gaming mouse in the marketplace to date.

While we talk about the optical switches, whenever you click the left-right button that sends a signal to the PC, the reply is point-two milliseconds three-time faster than the classic mechanical Omron switch. There is not any physical contact being used to transfer the signal. You press, triggering the infrared light beam that sends a sign, and they’ve also rated as much as 70 million clicks that’s pretty nuts.

The third thing inside this mouse would be this battery; the battery life is currently 70 hours, and also, the 70 hours of battery is pretty great at this particular size and weight of the mouse. Everything is ideal, shape itself, ambidextrous symmetrical feel amazing at your fingertips, lightweight with a new detector, this is a great mouse with no drawbacks.

Two major-minor of the mouse is also, among the micro USB slots and USB C jack is not necessary, the next little is synapse whatever the lighting effect. Highly recommended for gaming-playing fans. This is the perfect and fantastic gaming mouse that you loved. The exceptional quality of the Razer Viper Ultimate at very affordable rates.

3. Logitech G903

Best Gaming Mouse
  • 140 Hour lipo battery
  • Pro-grade 1 ms report rate
  • Power play wireless charging
  • 25,600 max dpi sensitivity


Amongst gamers, Logitech keeps providing us with the most quality products readily available in their line. We understand how annoying cables can be, but we also see that you’re still going to have input lag or latency with a wireless model.

Logitech created the greatest wireless gaming mouse by combining incredible capabilities with an incredible reaction time. The Logitech G903 wireless gaming mouse is ambidextrous, meaning it will work for left-handed users. This is that rare these days for gaming mice.

However, Logitech created a design that made the mouse comfortable. Because of the design, you use all five buttons and switch between easy and step activations on its wheel. The most beneficial feature of this mouse is that the mouse wheel can be adjusted.

If you want to modify the driver instantly, you can select a new driver. The most significant part of the mouse is wireless performance; if you use the mouse as a standard wireless mouse, you use the same USB dongle that Logitech makes most of their wireless devices with.

The Logitech G903 used the PMW 3366 sensor, which is probably among the most precise and accurate sensors of the type with a minimum sensitivity of 200 dpi and a maximum significance of 12000 dpi.

Logitech G903’s new power-providing feature includes the ability to charge wirelessly through a specialized mouse pad, making it the perfect option for cordless office users.

The mat generates an electric field which the mouse absorbs through a power core module attached to the bottom of the mouse. It implies that the mouse can power itself without having to control it. Not just, but you can fully charge the mouse using a battery in about 14 hours.

We do not have to leave our seats because it comes with great quality material that means it is also extremely durable. I can highly recommend a brand new gaming mouse like the Logitech G903, as it offers many unique features that are not found in other mice.

4. OMEN from HP Photon

Best Gaming Mouse
  • Qi-wireless charger
  • OMEN by HP Outpost Mouse Pad
  • 16.8 million RGB LED color
  • 100-16,000 DPI range


The cables might sometimes be regarded as problematic, especially if you have many of them with a gaming set. For example, you still have to keep a cord accessible to charge it, but HP will change everything for you with its all-new photon mouse.

The mouse uses a spot approximating the Picture Art 33-35, a design that the user may change. A click response period of 0.2 m per second due to its proprietary wireless technology faster than the response provided by wired mice following HP.

A programmable RGB and 11 programmable buttons allowed the omen photon to be custom-designed yet ensured ease of use for its users. This wireless mouse is designed for any match, with its simple form variable for a first-person shooter.

There is an additional button along with the chance to customize options depending on your requirements. The DPI button is responsive and quicker, and its underlying principle makes it simple to use. The HP omen photon might be charged with a cable or by using the omen outpost. The latter charges the mouse in 2.5 hours, while the photon mouse will operate for 50 hours on a single charge based on the manufacturer.

If you’re devoted to RGB, even the outpost comes with cushioned RGB light; it’s just one reason to obtain it with compatibility. HP omen photon could make use of Microsoft’s Xbox One or Sony’s PlayStation 4.

You do not need to change the battery when using the Omon photon, as it lasts 50 hours. When putting a charge onto the dedicated qi stage outside the telephone, you may be satisfied with a wireless mouse that is always fully charged. The HP T1 Pro will also feature an E-Sports-level optical detector that may tackle some latency queries players might have.

It comes down to 0.2mm/s click response in the mechanical buttons on each mouse. Each one can be customized to one-to-one. Additionally, the RGB light on the side can also be customized, and the outpost of the mouse can be swapped for magnetic finger rests.

This is the best mouse on the market as it has everything you need in a gaming mouse, like comfort, accuracy, speed, and long battery life. Additionally, if you have the outpost map, then you may not have to worry about quitting it at the best mouse by HP.

It has a battery life of a long time when you use the omen photon mouse. You also receive wireless charging. It’s comfortable to be able to use with a larger hand. Omen makes fantastic products for its users, and we recommend buying this remarkable gaming mouse.

5. Logitech G502 Light-speed

Best Gaming Mouse
  • G502 light speed wireless mouse
  • Lifetime of 60 hours
  • 16000 dpi ultimate
  • Lightsync RGB responds


It is one of the best-selling wireless mice or any for a good reason, and the Logitech G502 light-speed wireless mouse has an incredible spinning wheel, customizable buttons, and a nice branding box. It is lightweight and easy to use with great features.

The wireless users of this mouse do not have to worry about charging the battery because of power-play wireless technology. The gaming professionals use the Logitech G502 light-speed wireless mouse with G Ultra-fast wireless technology to compete globally.

G502 employs the world’s fastest detector, 16K, and has 16000 dpi, ultimate in gaming speed, the range of dpi is more accurate and responsive. There are 11 programmable buttons. Use Logitech G hub software to assign habit dictionaries and macro commands to the switches. With the hyper-fast scroll feature, then you can easily browse long website pages. You can play with a match at light speed inch MS in wireless connectivity.

A tuning motion allows up to six removable weights to be placed on the torso. This could be the proper motion because of its unique features. It’s an endoskeleton style, mechanically controlled, tunable bodyweight system with an excellent battery life of 60 hours.

Its internal structure allows for a thin exterior and lightweight chassis. The Logitech G502 chassis contains six adjustable weights and can accommodate an array of weights and balance settings. Once fully charged, the Logitech G502 battery could last you up to 60 hours.

You can customize your gaming experience with 11 programmable buttons and Lightsync RGB that reacts to gameplay intelligently on audio or screen shade. Complement the lighting in your room with 16.8 million colors, make your RGB personal cartoons.

The mouse itself is remarkable; it gets you the best performance; it is an accurate optical mouse with outstanding features; its built-in software is of excellent quality. Its battery life lasts for a long time, and its build quality is excellent. It works very well for you.

The Logitech G502 is an ideal gaming mouse, thanks to its advanced features. Because of its long battery life, you always feel comfortable while playing matches. With its quick response, the wheel scrolling provides you an outstanding gaming experience. Furthermore, it has an advanced detector which is helpful in gaming.

6. SteelSeries Rival 710

Best Gaming Mouse
  • 3 programmable side buttons
  • 3 d published
  • Semi-permeable mouse hump
  • Pixar 3360 center


As for the gaming mouse, we commonly assess it for its form and specification. Therefore, the SteelSeries Rival 710 is more featured; thus, its plan and shape resemble the rival 300. Based on its overall size and features, it is a rugged and comfortable gaming mouse.

Despite its three programmable side buttons beneath the mouse, the mouse easily adapts to individual users’ preferences. The mouse also has a cable section that supports micro-USB, and the mouse is also made to work with a mouse detector that’s swappable from the back.

A glistening finish creates a contrasting effect against a black finish of the mouse at the upper human anatomy, while others have a semi-permeable mouse hump. This allows 2 separate areas to be different textures.

There are rubber grips on both sides of the mouse, and the two wires are both micro-USB. This computer mouse works very well since it’s essentially a Pixar 3360 center, and it works with this mouse.

The switches on Rival 710 are sensitive; the weight of this mouse may impact the operation; it weighs 135 grams. This mouse is ideal for gamers who love to play FPS games. It looks good and features plenty of customization options.

This mouse’s different feature would be the shaking service; however, it is abstract. The shaking feature operates with all programs that use the OLED display panel. Furthermore, the shaking can be customized and in any position.

A superb gaming mouse, SteelSeries Rival 710 is robust and comfortable. You may use it with a soft mouse pad. The appearance, quality, and weight are ideal. This is an affordable gaming mouse that provides you heightened features for a reasonable price.

7. Hyperx Pulsefire Dart

Best Gaming Mouse
  • Gaming-Grade Wireless Technology
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • Wireless Qi Charging Compatibility
  • Premium Pixart 3389 Sensor


The design and build quality of the best mouse is excellent, making it the perfect gaming mouse. It’s available in black and also in pretty much any combination of this color. It has two buttons on the side: go backward and go forward.

Typically, three DPI settings are available with the mouse, slow, moderate, and quick. The charging cable for the mouse comes in the box alongside the mouse. The surface of the mouse has a dpi switcher.

Fast is the blue color that works with an incredible 100 dpi levels; Medium is the yellowish color with 1600 dpi levels, and Slow is available in green. Two RGB lights are completely customizable from the software to get different pulsing colors and lighting settings.

The scroll wheel is created from rubber fabric, which helps to put traction on your wrist when working a fast-speed system or need a scroll wheel for a messy session. The side of the mouse is also made of grainy leather material, which is good.

This stuff feels nice to hold, especially when you have to do rapid, moving to click, or circling with the mouse. The leather material on the mouse feels merely fine for your fingers to dig in. Its functionality is also excellent. User-friendly, especially in right-handed users.

You may use either a clock grip or a palm grip on this mouse. People often used a claw clasp style so their knuckles would hang over the hump of their mouse; this method is called the claw clasp method, therefore get a claw and palm grip.

This mouse is highly accurate regardless of which method it is used. You cannot get any tension when using it other than clicking it with your hand or using it with the claw system. This is how many people use a mouse working with the claw or hands system.

The chassis of this mouse is 110 grams, which is nice since you don’t need to add too much muscle to work with it. Also, thanks to the plastic construct, the mouse works well, aside from the fact that it is lightweight compared to other mice.

One million Hz is about 12 milliseconds. Thus, it’s pretty quick. In addition, it comes with USB accessories and a dongle, which enables a delay measurable only in milliseconds between your computer and the mouse. Most gaming-grade mice come with the radio skip and also overlook time. Additionally, the dongle should be placed no more than 20 centimeters away from the mouse.

It’s possible to charge up to two things with this mouse, including your phone as well as a HyperX headset. The battery of this mouse is exceptional with all the RGB lights; it lasts up to 50 hours on a single charge. To customize the RGB lights, you use the software.

It is a fine mouse for work and home, very responsive, and great in weight, both wired and wireless. Even the mouse’s LEDs are stunning, not obnoxious, bright, as well as a comfortable level of brightness, without being even ugly. Moreover, the mouse appears to be very well constructed if it feels solid in your hand; it’s a very comfortable mouse. It has all the characteristics you would expect from a mouse; its primary feature is that it can be handled by either the claws or the palms.

8. Logitech G602 Lag

Best Gaming Mouse
  • Up to 250 hours of battery life
  • High accuracy Delta Zero sensor technology
  • Lag-free gaming-grade wireless
  • Performance and endurance modes


Although computers have made some significant advances, the main thing that has remained the same is the mouse. Each mouse comes with two AA batteries, a tiny wireless receiver, a USB extension cable if your computer’s USB interfaces are a little small and some paperwork.

This Logitech G602 is not scared to be a little bold, with its gleaming silver plastic beams and long, sharp borders. It is made quite solidly and appears advanced. It feels quite comfortable on the hand, as long as you are a righthander.

Despite its length, it looks like it has quite a few features. The Logitech G602 stands out in that there are eleven fully programmable buttons on the mouse, including a mouse wheel, scroll wheel, two buttons on the left, along six buttons on the right.

The Logitech gaming software can program almost every button to do any work, macro, or even key control that you desire. Wireless mice usually involve compromises with latency and battery life, but Logitech assures those will not pose problems.

Nevertheless, battery life is provided in line with the very best in its class across all categories, 250 hrs in high-performance mode. This means that even if you match for several hours per day, you’ll still get several weeks of entertainment.

The little button on the mouse cover will reveal a green light. This is the endurance mode where your battery has to persist a full nine weeks supposedly. Powering that powerful battery is also two of them; these are regular old alkaline double batteries. It does not have any rechargeable or fancy features; however, there are usually batteries within the box. The weight could be lowered from 152 g to 129 g if used without batteries.

If you don’t want to use a wired mouse anymore, the wireless mouse could excel. It’s more solid, responsive, and true in regular use and plays great in games. Great for productivity and games, which, as you’d expect, can use those additional buttons. Logitech uses the gaming computer software to program these devices to perform certain functions and macros based on the applications they’re being used for.

Please reverse the switch onboard memory to automatic macro discovery; otherwise, macros will not work. Overall this is a great mouse. If you intend to switch wireless, we would highly encourage you to purchase the Logitech G602 gaming mouse.

9. Roccat Kain 202 Aimo

Best Gaming Mouse
  • Normal click with the Titan wheel 2.0
  • Its improved design provides
  • Defined and responsive scrolling steps
  •  8ms faster than the rest


The Keynes button is different from typical gaming mice; this is a single button that you press by flexing the apex of the cap to switch the switch. This can cause missing clicks and a continuous click feeling with the entire device.

In place of that, each button is mounted on a special mechanical hinge, which significantly helps click consistency, accuracy, and endurance. The most important part of the tight click mechanism is the spring provided below. This spring serves to retain the buttons in place and reduce friction between the buttons.

Therefore, you need precisely the same amount of force to actuate each click, to achieve consistent click textures. It makes it easier to control the click faster; you want to be exactly balanced fast at any given time. The switch is situated at the center of the mouse to improve its performance significantly.

Firstly, elevate it so that it’s placed directly below your click. This provides an even more immediate impression of your click. Secondly, angle switches coincide with the angle of these buttons, so they reach all of the switch rather than the usual parts with better concentration.

When the computer software clogs up, the tighter click applications and hardware suffer no benefits. The final piece has to do with the firmware that processes the signal 16 ms faster than standard, making it the fastest mechanical click-up.

It was until now the power was clear and evident. You click, it registers. For that reason, the very first rocket knew they could rely on the Titan wheel to act with precision and practically indestructible.

There is a captivating balance between fluidity and precision with this new metal wheel. It’s difficult not to eat or drink when gaming, but we cannot avoid craters. It has developed its exclusive coating, supple with the ideal amount of grip, and durable.

Easy to maintain, keeping the cane looking like new. It’s a lighting engine and an ecosystem combined in a single device. Plug it in and enjoy vibrant lighting straight away, with no need for significant customization. Power it up with Aimo, and you’ll find it works best.

There are no annoying LEDs on either the logo or the mouse wheel of the Roccat Kain 202 Aimo, so it is perfectly appropriate for wired or wireless use. Its battery should last one month for the typical gamer. Its 2.4 GHz frequency makes it extremely reliable as well as faster than wired. It features an optimized wireless sensor similar to a rocket owl high sensor that minimizes power usage while sacrificing precision.

The ideal mouse shape is both stylish and comfortable to use. It’s got all the features you want and more, it’s light, coated with a very nice texture, and it has an excellent response time and battery life. For the money, that’s an amazing gaming mouse.

10. Razer Naga Guru

Best Gaming Mouse
  • Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor
  • New Razer optical mouse switches
  • Light beam-based actuation
  • 3 interchangeable side plates
  • 19 Programmable Buttons


It is possible to connect it to a laptop using two different wireless methods or via the supplied stainless steel cable that utilizes MicroUSB technology on the head of the mouse and then reroutes a USB connection to a laptop back into 2.4-Gigahertz wireless connections are available with Razer’s hyper-speed mouse. A USB adapter must be connected to your notebook for the mouse to function.

It is also possible to use blue tooth connectivity by putting your mouse into pairing mode by pressing the scroll wheel and the dpi buttons simultaneously for three minutes until you see a double connection written on the Razer logo that this is part of pairing mode by default.

It has features you’d expect in an eraser mouse. Whether it’s RGB lighting or a rubberized foot that creates smooth surgery on practically any surface, it has smart monitoring that can calibrate things like lift-off space and accuracy across different surfaces.

One of the most remarkable features of the mice, the Razer Naga Guru, is how the sides can be removed. It could be utilized with MMO games. The 6-button plate could be employed for combat-royale games, so that’s a new improvement from Razer.

This box is pretty easy to move with the use of magnetic separating systems. You can keep the USB adapter there to make use of your mouse. This is an excellent use of space. I do not doubt that each of these features is tailored to right-handed people.

The Razer’s attention and optical detector inside the mouse enable you to get enhanced accuracy. Additionally, it uses Razer visual mouse buttons, which make it three times faster than mechanical buttons. Each side of the mouse can be removed entirely, making it easily accessible for left and assembled users.

The amount of customization possible with this mouse is unmatched. With Razer’s companion applications known as a synapse, you can enhance your programs and enjoy extra functionality as well as a sleeker gaming experience.

You can use the preview style of this mouse in any situation with the aid of controls to experience the controller level. The mouse features a seamless jumping frequency with extremely low latency. The battery life span is excellent at 100 hours.

The advantages of its mouse are many: outstanding quality, lightweight design, user-friendly, dependable functionality, comfortable at your fingertips, ability to scroll, a high-quality cloth, an advanced level detector, and faster than the conventional mouse with 1-9 programmable buttons.

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