5 Best Keyboard Cleaners For Laptop And PC | Top Picks Of 2021

A computer keyboard cleaner is a tool that’s intended to clean dust debris thoroughly and crap away a laptop or computer or notebook keyboard surface and also the distance deep between your keys. We’re guilty of consuming in front of those machines. The outcome can be a spread of food debris and crap stuck within our keyboards. Also, completely clean it’s not the simplest task. We’ve researched and analyzed the very best notebook and computer keyboard cleaners offered and outlined the effect straight here.

Based on the type of a wreck you’ve got under your keys, then you will have to make use of one of their four chief varieties of cleansers: good soft brushes, blowers, along with handheld vacuums. You might like to look at using one of those three or two in combination, twisting your computer keyboard with the blowers first to take out the dirt, as an instance, after which using slime to remove any remains.

5 Best Keyboard Cleaners For Laptop And PC | Top Picks

Best Keyboard CleanerCheck Price
1. HAYATA Keyboard Cleaning Gel Check Price
2. OXO Electronics Brush Check Price
3. MECO Keyboard Cleaner Check Price
4. Nylon Anti Static Brush Check Price
5. Cyber Clean 25054 Check Price

1. HAYATA Keyboard Cleaning Gel

Best Keyboard Cleaners For Laptop And PC Keyboards
  • Reused more than 10 times
  • 100% environmentally & safe material
  • No harm to human body
  • Used to for toys or even your table


The Hayata keyboard cleaning gel can be an extremely effective product that may precisely grab dirt and dust present from keyboards, printers, and cellular phones. Independent of their digital devices and their surfaces, this gel clears away even the tiniest dust particles.

It is as simple to use as it looks. The very first step is to ensure that your palm is tender before this. Then choose the wash gel outside and mold the delicate goo into a shape that works for your laptop or computer keyboards’ cleaning requirements. Once the gel was applied on the outside, you will probably push it down many times before lifting it. That is because it gives it more chance to absorb debris. The great part is that you fold the gel half and apply the new surface to clean it again completely.

Compared to a brush, it is far simpler and better to clean out the computer keyboard using a gel if everything you attempt to accomplish is removing the top debris.

2. OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush

Best Keyboard Cleaners For Laptop And PC Keyboards
  • Soft bristles gently sweep away dust
  • Slim silicone wiper grabs
  • Bristles retract for storage
  • Silicone wiper is protected by cap


The OXO notebook and computer keyboard cleanup brush are equipped using a slender silicone wiper effective at eliminating debris from heavy and hard-to-reach spots like between or beneath the computer keyboard keys and the borders of the monitor of a computer system screen. The bristles are soft and gentle to completely clean out the computer keyboard without leaving any scrape marks.

3. MECO Keyboard Cleaner with Cleaning Gel

Best Keyboard Cleaners For Laptop And PC Keyboards
  • 2000mAh Li-battery
  • Cordless and Rechargeable
  • Cordless keyboard cleaner
  • Different vacuum nozzles 
  • Effective filter system


The MECO Keyboard Cleaner is a small and powerful vacuum with strong suction, also perfect for cleaning dust, hair, crumbs, scraps for laptop and keyboards. With the look being rechargeable and cordless, the device can be obtained anywhere for cleanup. The package comprises a vacuum cleaner handle with a built-in Li-battery brush nozzle, a flat suction nozzle, one cleaning gel, plus two nozzle filters.

One of the greatest features of the item may be that the simplicity to clean the device. Twist off the dust gathering cone, pour away the garbage, take out the sponge filter, then wash the sponge filter with water and then replace well as new!

4. Nylon Anti Static Brush

Best Keyboard Cleaners For Laptop And PC Keyboards
  • Simple brush structure
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Anti-static brush, more safety and health
  • High temperature resistant 


That is in fact an all-purpose cleansing brush kit which lets you easily wash out the computer keyboard from every single corner without difficulty. The brushes are pretty inflexible and gives far better cleanup of this hard sturdy gunk and also caked-on dust.

The brushes have been made to remove dirt out of most wider corners and sides, however, maybe not exactly the shallow and narrow things. The sole disadvantage is you simply can’t apply brushes sensitive areas to reduce scratches and damage.

Whilst the brushes have multiple shapes and finer things which permit one to eliminate gunk around corners, so the thin brushes are good to clear away food particles out of the computer keyboard. By the idea of its own usage, the brushes may be useful for demanding in addition to smooth surfaces provided the surfaces aren’t sensitive to dents.

The brushes are all good to wash gunk from car interior design, port, PCB, x box and computer keyboard. All in all, the brushes are fantastic for cleaning hard-to-reach are as of computer keyboard and tracks.

5. Cyber Clean 25054 Home & Office Foil Zip Bag

Best Keyboard Cleaners For Laptop And PC Keyboards
  • Removing 99.99% of harmful particles
  • Designed to get deep clean
  • Designed to mold itself to fit the nooks
  • Microencapsulated into the cleaning compound


This is the first cleaner that disinfects the surfaces with ethanol, accumulates dust, and loses particles. This goo helps clean the membranes that have a massive amount of hairs, dust and waste contaminants. The goo absorbs the contaminants from its gelatinous body.

Frequent use of this product not only boosts the surface’s shine, but the odds of getting infected from the electronic equipment surfaces are reduced to a massive scope. Anyway, weekly utilization of this goo assures it can last for weeks. When the goo works green, just then, you need to restore it using the new one.

The cleaner cum detergent is a terrific cleanup solution for hard to reach places. You can anticipate a healthy living environment or workplace with this item.

In general, if you’re seeking a disinfectant capable of cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces from harmful germs like bacteria and fungi, the Cyber Clean’s goo is the ideal thing that you ought to set your eyes in.

Last Thoughts

Thus, you’ve got it, a comprehensive guide to the most beneficial Keyboard Cleaners For Laptop And PC. As I mentioned all through this guide, Best Keyboard Cleaners For Laptop And PC can be quite a terrific option to get daily user.

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