Best MacBook Accessories You Should Consider Getting

MacBooks are powerful devices, yet a little tweaking in hardware can make them even better. If you are a regular Mac user, you must know that having a laptop or a computer is not just enough. The right set of MacBook accessories will make your Mac charge faster, work efficiently, store more data, and stay new for longer.

Best MacBook Accessories You Should Consider Getting

External HDDs and SSDs

These days, people are accustomed to having additional external hard drive storage, and that’s undoubtedly the best practice to avoid storage shortage. Here, by Mac, we mean all Apple products from Mac Mini to Mac Pro. Macs are hard to customize, and if you try to upgrade them during purchase, it will cost you a lot.

Investing in external hard drives for Mac systems is unquestionably the most cost-efficient solution. They are light, they are portable, and they let you keep your data with you, wherever you go. Portable hard drives are best for professionals like graphic designers and data analysts who need to store a lot of high-definition images or visually intense reports.  

All latest Macs and MacBooks come with Thunderbolt port(s) that are compatible with USB Type-C. External storage drives, particularly SSD (Solid State Drives), are twice as fast as the standard drives. These drives integrate new storage technology that uses NAND flash memory. 

SSDs come with SATA III ports and can easily be mounted in place of a hard disk.

An SSD usually takes 35 to 100 microseconds to access data, which is 100 times faster than the hard disk drives. So, your Mac will boot in less than a minute, files will transfer at lightning-fast speed, applications will launch more quickly, and the system will not freeze even if you perform complex tasks.

Unlike hard disk drives, solid-state drives are less prone to damages caused due to shocks or power fluctuations. Moreover, they are energy-efficient as they only consume 50% less electricity at full sprint. They are comparatively quieter, reliable, and more durable data storage options that will drastically improve the performance of your Mac.

Microphones for MacBook

Microphones are one of the must-have accessories when you are chatting with your friend, attending an online lecture, or signing in to a business meeting remotely. They are inevitably important gadgets for anyone planning to start out anything- podcasts, videos, live streams, audiobooks, and more.

Some microphones integrate an omnidirectional mode that picks up sound (even the low-intensity) from all around. The most popular microphones available in the market are shock-mount compatible and facilitates live monitoring via a headphone jack. Today’s microphones are built using innovative technologies; are lightweight, and often come with plug-and-play capabilities.

If you are looking for a microphone manufactured specifically for the MacBooks, then you must perform a thorough market survey to find one compatible with your system. You can easily find Apple MFi certified microphones, and buying one of such accessories is a bonus as they are designed to connect to MacBooks, iPad, iPhone, and other Apple devices.

You do not need to buy additional connecting kits or adapters to make your microphones work with your iOS or macOS device. Most importantly, better connectivity with Apple devices doesn’t mean that they are not compatible with other brand devices.

You can easily connect them via USB, and you are all set to go. Not to mention, MacBook comes with a powerful internal mic that works perfectly fine to meet any audio requirements. However, if you find any specific concern with your internal microphones, learning about the possible fixes can help resolve the problem.

Cooling Pads

If you use your MacBook at a stretch, you must know how hot they can get, especially when they are running resource-heavy applications and put a strain on the hardware, such as the graphics processing unit. This is when cooling pads come to the rescue. If you are planning to purchase a cooling pad for your MacBook, it’s recommended that you should invest in one with adjustable sizes and angled design so that it can fit your device properly.

Laptop cooling fans come with a retractable foot towards the bottom, which lets you adjust the angle to get some tilt. Cooling pads are meant to cool down your laptops when they heat up due to excessive usability or load. Maintaining a good airflow inside and around your MacBook is important, and therefore cooling pads are a great accessory one must-have.

The majority of cooling pads available out there include two built-in fans, pair of USB ports, and multiple adjustment angles. Some of them are quiet and hardly make any noise, while some are so loud that it’s too hard to handle them and focus on work. With a variable speed, these accessories work just fine for years and keep your system cooler.

While purchasing a cooling pad for your laptop, make sure to buy one that can accommodate your 16-inch MacBook Pro (if you have one). Some cooling pads can completely fold down flat, which makes them portable, while some are hard to put inside the bag. So, don’t forget to check all these features while you shop for a cooling pad for your MacBook.