3 Best Monitor For GTX 1060 | Top Picks Of 2021

You will enjoy a great gaming experience once you get the top monitors for gtx 1060 that come with a 1440p or 1080p resolution. Those two can use this graphics card during its highest potential without overstressing it.

You may also get a 4K monitor; make sure you turn down your preferences to moderate or low when playing the latest games. However, this will signify that you are supposed to undermine frame speed and visual characteristics, notably on high-end and realistic matches.

We reviewed the GTX 1070 & 1070 Ti monitor, and today I can assist you in opting for the most effective tracks for 10 60 graphics cards. Let’s delve deeper into this once we review five of the very most appropriate paths to get a GTX 10-60 below.

3 Best Monitor For GTX 1060 | Top Picks

1. Sceptre Curved 144Hz MonitorCheck Price
2. AOC C24G1 24 Frameless MonitorCheck Price
3. Acer Predator XB241HCheck Price

1. Sceptre Curved 144Hz Monitor

Best Monitors for GTX 1060
  • 27″ curved gaming monitor 1800R
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Amd Free Sync with free Sync gamers
  • DisplayPort HDMI audio out jack
  • Fps-rts FPS and RTS are Scepter custom set
  • Edgeless Bezel Without bezel surrounding
  • Multiple Ports Two HDMI ports


The first among the best gaming monitors for the gtx 1060 list could be the 27 inches gaming LED screen assembled by Sceptre. Together with its 144Hz refresh speed, you may enjoy visibility. There’s no uncertainty that the monitor will permit you to go through an innovative visual, considering that it’s assembled with 1800R screen curvature. This kind of curved display may even deliver an immersive experience, particularly with the superior graphics it supplies.

Additionally, you will enjoy that it has multiple interfaces. One for DisplayPort, which gives a versatile display connection since it readily produces video and audio. Additionally, this effectively provides a 1080p-resolution video over a period as high as 4-5 feet. And there is still another interface for HDMI that may deliver a searchable into the monitor.

This screen also leaves more than double the typical refresh speed. Besides that, it sports a superior AMD Free Sync, which lets game-plays attain optimum functionality. It’s possible to enjoy your matches without data-processing flaws in the complete HD 1080p-resolution in the event you increase the framerate to 20Hz at least.

Together with its 144Hz along with 1080p resolution, its Edge less bezel will immerse you into the legendary scenery and engaging activity of almost any game-plays. Anyway, the picture will probably soon be invisible because it’s a quality that prevents the backlight from flickering.

Also, to finish the record of amazing features this GTX 10 60 screen includes, the producer has engineered this having an integrated speaker to supply optimal sound. At this time, you’re able to participate in your video gaming as you’re there. Or you may desire to follow your favorite songs as you play with matches with no narrative to trace, such as streetfighter 4 or even Heroes of Newerth.

2. AOC C24G1 24 Frameless Monitor

AOC G2590FX 25 Framless Gaming Monitor
  • Rapid 1ms (MPRT) response
  • 144Hz refresh rate with AMD Free Sync
  • Height adjustable stand for optimum ergonomics
  • 1-year accidental damage
  • Viewing angle- 178º horizontal
  • AOC low Blue mode and flickers


Recent buyers of this unit have become impressed by its performance. They like the gorgeous design with a curved display and very narrow bezels. They record that the curved display wraps around your vision perfectly, making more immersive and more accurate gameplay.

This is a superb gaming monitor. It comes at an affordable price and supplies a lot of features. The curved display offers the benefit of peripheral vision, making video or gaming watching far more immersive. This AOC monitor has a VA panel, so it offers high-definition though you may observe minor ghosting throughout the rapid-paced, competitive play.

The thin bezel design is quite sleek and stylish. It will surely complement the decor in your home whether you set it up on a desktop or mount it on a wall.

AOC C24G1 can be an ideal unit for gamers that are seeking to buy a budget track. Individuals who need a rest from flat screens and therefore are seeking to go through the immersion of a curved screen monitor may even like deploying it. Gamers that need a quick and responsive monitor to complement these GTX 1060 will even believe it is a useful item.

Combine that with a curved display, and you also own a monitor that’ll take gaming to a whole new level. It’s an excellent device that outshines its competitors concerning performance and user-friendliness.

3. Acer Predator XB241H

Best Monitor Under 500 USD
  • 24 inch full HD widescreen
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Swivel angle 30 degree
  • Twisted Nematic Film
  • Flicker less technology
  • 144Hz refresh rate


The Acer Predator XB241H has a plain black bezel; however, the base is a wide angle with the rock climbing at the middle. Both base and stand have artistic cut-outs, and the tips of the two sides of this bottom are all accented in red.

The Acer Predator XB241H only has one HDMI interface and one Screen Port. This allows you to connect your PC and gaming system to the same display but doesn’t offer any USB or sound ports.

The Acer Predator XB241H utilizes TN (Twisted Nematic) panel technology on the screen, which offers the fastest response time and rate of the transition between colors. This speedy transition period reduces blur and ghosting when playing games with lots of motion and action, even at high refresh rates.

As the TN screen will sacrifice color depth and watch angles in favor of speed, it can not provide deep blacks, bright whites, and other color quality. The narrow viewing angle (170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical) is less of a problem, especially if used for gaming because you’ll be installed in front of it the majority of times, minus needing to check at it from both sides.

Because the Acer Predator presents a G Sync grip, it can be set up to change the refresh rate in response to the input by the GPU. Unlike AMD Free Sync, which works with AMD graphics cards, G-sync is an NVIDIA compatible tech and can work with the GTX 1060.

The Acer is also a flicker-free screen, meaning individuals sensitive to flicker won’t need an issue with all the Acer Predator XB241H, even for long gaming sessions.


Of those four monitors reviewed here in order to use with the GTX 1060, the Acer Predator will give a lightning-fast gaming experience and seamlessly use G Sync to prevent screen tearing without introducing the input lag connected with v sync. Its flicker less technology will reduce eyestrain and prevent headaches in the sensitive to monitor flicker.

The GTX 1060 will happily run a few monitors, as long as they are installed correctly, though it may fight to conduct three monitors whether a few are being used for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GTX 10 60 run 144hz?

As stated by the gaming experts, a GTX 1060 can conduct any new AAA match on ultra or high settings around 60–70fps in 1080p 144Hz. The experts further added that even though the picture quality isn’t too good at this rate, the response period is much reduced. Still, it usually means that the user could expect less motion blur and less ghosting, which is important for rapid matches with a lot of sudden movement on the screen. You’re able to run the hottest games from high settings easily at 144hz around GTX 10 60.

Could a GTX 10 60 run 3 monitors?

Even though most people utilize just one monitor for work and gaming, a developing section of folks uses several monitors for their professional work in addition to serious gaming. At this moment, the main question is whether a GTX can run three monitors simultaneously, and the reply is yes. All you need is to ensure that the monitors have correct vents that sync GTX 10-60. In this context, it will be noted that the GTX 10-60 has one DVI, one DisplayPort, plus one or 2 HDMI interfaces. If you wish to purchase the best monitor for gtx 10-60, the best choice would be to make sure that these vents are present on the screen to configure the 3 paths together with the GTX 1060 easily.

Does GTX 10-60 need GSync?

Understood to be a proprietary and flexible sync technology aiming to eliminate screen rapping, GSync is a great alternate to v sync. This technology eliminates screen ripping by letting the video display accommodate the frame rate of output, such as an NVidia integral graphics or images card. Even though with GTX 1060, you can select FreeSync, the use of Alpha Sync would allow you to possess an enhanced and stutter-free experience during gameplay.

How Many Monitors May a GTX 1060 Support?

GTX 1060 is a wonderful movie card. It will come in two variations, the GTX 6GB and the GTX 3GB. Both are perfectly capable of conducting multiple screen setups. Even the 6GB variation can hold up to five displays, while the GTX 3GB graphics card is designed for up to 4 monitors with no difficulty.

Does a GTX 1060 Have Two HDMI Ports?

HDMI is a multimedia connection. It’s utilized in computer technology to allow it to be suitable for multimedia hardware. All the GTX 10 60 models made by Asus have two HDMI connectivity ports. On the other hand, Nvidia’s GTX 10 60 has one HDMI interface and three Display Port connections.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying

No matter the reason, once you head out towards the market to purchase a brand new track, you’ve got to get ready. The sector is vast and packaged with varying units. Buying a monitor isn’t a spontaneous choice. You have to think about some aspects before making your purchase. Some of them are:


When you decide to get a new monitor for yourself, the price can be a significant concern. Providentially, the monitor technology is getting steadily more economical as new models have been introduced. You’re able to get decent gaming tracks as low as $300. Nonetheless, it’s still sensible to stay within your budget and choose one whose price tag falls within your scope.

Old Customer Reviews

Today’s era is about online communication. People are very keen on discussing their experiences, whether bad or good, on the worldwide web, especially when it calls for the latest purchase. When deciding upon a suitable monitor for yourself, be it a place to look at the reviews old clients have given to specific services and products. This way, you will have the ability to backup your selection.


For gaming monitors, a screen size of 24 inches is recognized as ideal. It is big enough to hold everything within your field of vision and small enough to match nicely in your desktop computer. Before buying a new monitor, observe where you may set this up. Always buy one which does not look too big or too small to comprehend what’s happening on the screen.


The perfect settlements to get a GTX 1060 to work well are 1080p and 1440p. Once you buy a brand new track, be certain you invest in a unit that falls within the ranges you do not want your card to struggle by connecting into your 4K resolution monitor.

Refresh Rate

The refresh speeds at that a GTX 10-60 operates fall between 60 and 144Hz. Pick a monitor with a refresh rate through this range. Proceed, and also, your GPU will struggle.

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