Curved Vs Flat Monitors:- Detailed Guide

The first time curved displays hit the market, most people thought it was a gimmick and a passing fad.

So, why do curved paths make more sense than curved televisions, and what are the pros and cons of curved monitors compared to flat-screen models?

We will first explain the different curvature radius evaluations, such as 1000R, 1500R, 3800R, etc. The lower the number above the ‘R,’ the steeper the screen curvature will be.

For example, 1500R refers to a radius of 1500mm or 1.5 meters — the radius of the circle would be 1.5m if a bunch of 1500R curved monitors are connected as a single one.

Additionally, you can find the ideal viewing distance from the curvature rating. Thus, a 2000R curved monitor will only give you the full benefits of the curvature if you are less than two meters away from the monitor.

Curved Vs Flat monitors

Contrary to curved TVs, which usually have subtle curvatures of 4000R, most curved paths have steeper curvatures of 1500R. The reason for this is you will be sitting farther away from a TV than from a monitor.

There is a problem with curved TVs because they need to be placed right in front of the screen to take advantage of the full benefits of a curved screen, which is not always possible since there may be hundreds of people in the room at the same time.

In addition, people on the far side of a room wouldn’t be able to see the whole screen due to the curvature.
It’s clear why curved TVs are not worth the higher price tag for most people.

There are some advantages to curved TVs, which you can learn more about in our curved vs. flat TV article.

These issues do not affect curved displays since they are meant for one person sitting in front of the screen.

What’s more, curved monitors aren’t necessarily more expensive than their flat-panel counterparts. Often, curved panels are used for budget gaming monitors, which are actually cheaper than their flat-panel counterparts.

Obviously, how useful is that the monitor’s curvature mainly depends on the curvature radius and the screen’s diameter?

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Small 24′′ and 27′′ curved monitors usually have a 1500R or even 1800R curvature, which is hardly noticeable due to their small size.

It’s more noticeable when the curvature is 1500R or steeper, especially with 32′′ or larger giant curved screens, but the curvature is not strictly necessary.

If you aren’t also interested in additional specifications and features, you shouldn’t purchase a 24′′ or 32′′ widescreens (16:9 aspect ratio) monitor just because it’s curved.

With those extra-wide monitors, the curvature brings the screen’s borders closer to you, so your peripheral vision is blocked.

With that, you can view more of the screen at once without moving your eyes/head too much, which improves eye and immersion relaxation and eliminates distortion at the corners of the screen.

Disadvantages Of Curved Monitors

The most important disadvantage is your viewing angles since you won’t get the best viewing experience unless seated directly in front of the monitor.

So, if you would like to see a movie from your mattress, and your curved screen is not facing it, the picture quality might not be ideal, particularly if the screen has a VA panel with poor viewing angles to the IPS technology.

It would be best if you considered the monitor’s display dimensions and curvature, as well as the particular angle at which you would be looking at the screen.

The curved monitor is regarded as an excellent choice for showcasing the works of graphic designers, computer programmers, and illustrators, but only if the curve isn’t too strong.


In the end, the quality of the panel itself is what matters most.

A widescreen IPS panel display provides the most precise colors and widest viewing angles, and they are all flat-screen.

For this reason, those versions intended for professional use have subtle curvatures; they remove distortion without stretching out items at the edges of the display.

If you are looking for an ultrawide display, a curved monitor would be the best choice for gaming and multimedia/everyday use. Widescreen models, however, are just a matter of personal preference.

Best Curved Monitor For Gaming And Office That You Must Check Here

1. AOC C24G1


  • 24inches FHD gaming monitor
  • 1ms response rate
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Height adjustable stand



The AOC C24G1 Has a Very High Static Complexity

The AOC C24G1 offers an incredibly high static complexity ratio of 3,000:1 as compared to a 1,000:1 difference between TN and IPS products. These high contrast ratios produce deeper blacks and a strong connection between the darkest and most brilliant shades, the VA’s most important resource. The color rendition isn’t as precise as an IPS screen, yet it is far better than any TN screen.

Contrary to the recently referenced 144Hz screen with a reaction time of 1ms, the VA board of the AOC C24G1 offers only 4ms, which will result in progressively noticeable trailing of fast-moving items. Overall, the AOC G2590FX gaming monitor will deliver better results and performance if you play serious FPS games commonly.

The AOC C24G1 is increasingly suitable for individuals who play a lot of FPS games; the 144Hz refresh rate is likely to guarantee an enjoyable and continuous gaming experience. You will, however, get a decent picture quality. The AOC C24G1 has many game-upgrading components, including Shadow Boost, pre-adjusted presets (FPS, RTS, Racing), and Low Input Lag Mode crosshair overlays.

AMD FreeSync works over both HDMI and DP with a 48-144Hz VRR go, and even though it’s not specified as perfect by NVIDIA, FreeSync works on good NVIDIA cards as well. The haze is more evident in computer games with an unstable frame rate, and it doesn’t seem to affect all monitors. If the power were increased, the screen would be darker; however, the picture would also get clearer. Movement clarity and image brilliance are typically only available through high-quality G-SYNC shows using the ULMB Pulse Width alternative.

Our Reviews:

  • The AOC C24G1 is a 24-inch monitor with a 1 ms response time and a 144 Hz refresh rate, making it an ideal choice for gamers. The C24G1 comes with a built-in stand that provides tilt and height adjustment, as well as VESA mounting compatibility.
  • The AOC C24G1 is a 24-inch monitor with a 1 ms response time and a 144 Hz refresh rate, making it an ideal choice for gamers. The monitor has two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort, as well as a headphone jack, making it easy to connect multiple devices.
  • The C24G1 also features AOC’s Shadow Control and Low Blue Mode technologies, which help to improve image quality and reduce eye fatigue.

Product Reviews:

  • “I purchased this monitor in preparation for the release of the PS5. Initially, I couldn’t seem to find a way for it to output at 120 Hz. After a little trial and error, I found the solution. Here is how to output in 120 Hz, just keep in mind that not all games currently on the PS5 are 120 Hz capable. Go to SETTING-SAVED DATA AND GAME/APP SETTINGS-GAME PRESETS- and change the setting to PERFORMANCE MODE. After doing this COD Cold War was output at 1080p 120 Hz. Overall, this monitor does the trick for now. At 1 ms response time, you can ask for more, except for 4k at 120 Hz. This will hold me over for now.” – Chris
  • “Built my 1st PC and went with this monitor not knowing if I would like a curved display or not. Love it. The curve is listed as being one of the more aggressive curvatures if I remember correctly and was a bit jarring the first time I saw it. But once connected and gaming it just works. Images do not seem distorted or anything like that (although I sit fairly close, at a desk). 144 Hz with Freesync is the obvious selling feature and it works great. Playing through A.C. Origins, DMC 5, and now The Division 2 I haven’t had any problems with tearing/stuttering. Everything is smooth and displayed clearly. The only thing I could really nitpick about is that the frame counter is fairly large and red, not exactly discreet. Not big enough to be really bothersome, but I just end up using the client launcher or separate applications if I want to see/check my frame rate. Really a personal taste/preference more than a negative.” – Justin W
  • “My first 144hz experience coming from a 75hz IPS, this thing is awesome. I had no dead pixels at all (but not everyone will be so lucky) the picture quality out of the box is great besides the colors but can be adjusted fairly easily in the monitor’s settings. Very good compared to an IPS in color reproduction though an IPS panel will generally have the better color reproduction 90% of the time. The curve I feel definitely helps with viewing angles on a VA panel which is fairly decent anyway, but next to my IPS the angles are basically the same from left to right but up and down angles IPS wins. The brightness is pretty good in my experience, again definitely needs settings adjusted to have the best picture though. The stand is very sturdy and highly adjustable no wobble to mention, though the stand is quite large so you may want to make sure it will fit on your desk without issue. Overall definitely by far the best 144hz monitor below 150$ bucks (might be the only one) you can buy, and probably better than some more expensive 144hz monitors due to quality alone.” – Dan



Best Monitor Under 300 USD

  • Curved Gaming display
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 178° wide view angle



Something You Didn’t Know About MSI OPTIX G27C4

There is nothing alluring about the design of the MSI Optix G27C4. Its bezel is very thick and a lot thicker at the bottom. It’s a pretty steady monitor for most users. Though it may deliver good image quality, its 1080p resolution is a bit low for a 27-inch screen that is not ideal for multitasking. Although it is a great game track, it has a refresh rate of 165 Hz, an excellent response time(1ms), and a low input so that you can experience a smooth and reactive gaming experience. Also, it supports the variable FreeSync refresh rate of the display to minimize the tear on the display.

This screen is acceptable for darkroom matches and has decent picture quality with saturated colors and fluid movement because of the high contrast ratio. Regrettably, it does not encourage High Dynamic Range, has very few additional attributes, and its mediocre peak brightness may result in problems in very bright rooms.

There is a subtle player-oriented layout on the back of the monitor, but it should not look out of place in an office setting. Although the entrances are easily accessible, there is no integrated cable management, and the press doesn’t have a fast-release feature. A joystick controls the navigation of the menu onto the screen in the lower-left corner.

With a refresh rate of 165 Hz – 1 ms response time, the VA PANEL LED gets the maximum advantage in fast-moving games, which include first-person shooters, fighters, racing simulators, real-time strategy, and sports. It requires fast and accurate movements with ultra-high-speed updates and quick response times to keep you on top of the competition.

The MSI Optix G27C4 is a high-quality gaming monitor with a high refresh rate and low response time for fluid gaming. While the input is exceptional and supports FreeSync’s variable update frequency, its 1080p resolution will disappoint fans of atmospheric and role-playing games.

Our Reviews:

  • The MSI OPTIX G27C4 has a 27-inch screen with a curved 1800R panel to give you an immersive experience while gaming. It has a 144hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time to make sure that you never miss a beat while playing.
  • The OPTIX G27C4 comes with an AMD FreeSync technology to synchronize the display’s refresh rate with your graphics card. This will help to eliminate tearing and stuttering for smoother gameplay.
  • It also has a built-in black equalizer that will optimize the image quality no matter what environment you’re in. Whether it’s during the day or at night, the OPTIX G27C4 will always look great.

Product Reviews:

  • “I bought one last year and due to the pandemic had trouble finding a second and third screen. The display is beautiful and easy to see and read. To obtain the 165Hz refresh rate you need to connect the monitor with a display port cable. It has a great range of colors and doesn’t strain the eyes with long usage. I currently have 2 with a third on the way. It makes a great multiscreen setup. There is a slight border but it does line up better than other monitors I have used in the past.” – Ray
  • “Really nice monitor! Works great for gaming.. looks really clean, very good brightness. Had to turn it down since I play mainly at night, but still looks just as amazing! The curve took a little to get used to but compared to the 24” (left) the monitor just feels bigger and better! (Don’t mind the terrible wiring) this was exactly what I was looking for! Might even have to get another one.” – Jr. Corona
  • “It works perfectly at 165 fps, 1080p, and 4k compatible. With the Freesync and the little latency, we have a very good gaming experience (among other things Osu that falls to 0.80-1 MS)” – Jutygre


3. ASUS ROG Strix


  • 27inches Full HD Display
  • Curved gaming monitor
  • ASUS Eye Care technology
  • 144 Hertz refresh rate



What Features Does the ASUS ROG Strix Have?

We have found that a 27″ QHD screen often offers the best balance between pixel density and functionality for flat screens. With 109ppi, it gives lots of detail while imposing a fairly light load on a mid-priced video card. It is challenging to calculate the refresh rates of curved screens, however.

Curved screens come in various sizes and resolutions, and maximum refresh rates can run anywhere between 60hz and 165hz. The Asus Republic of Gamers has produced a range of distinguished displays, and today we will be taking a closer look at the Strix XG35VQ, a gaming monitor from that line that delivers an exciting spec mix on its own.

Its VA panels provide accurate colors and high contrast, so the device works well for almost all purposes and presses the button to engage the menu. There are no problems with it, or the keys other than the power switch feel just like the others, making it a little too easy to switch off the monitor unintentionally.

With its all-metal base and a firm movement feel, this stand is rock-solid. Rotating this screen to portrait mode is not possible (for obvious reasons). There are adjustments for under 4″ of height (10cm), 50° of swiveling in every direction, 20° of rear tilt, and 5° of forwarding tilt. This monitor has no built-in speakers, and ventilation is handled by a thin grille that follows one of the contour lines in the back. We did not detect excessive heat while testing and using the XG35VQ.

You get two HDMI ports for the input panel. One supports HDMI version 2.0 using HDCP 2.2, while the other is HDMI 1.4. One DisplayPort port is also present on the panel. With a USB 3.0 port, you can connect two devices side by side. One is a headphone output, and the other is a powered speaker. Once you have your connections, the cover snaps on to conceal the wires.

Our Reviews:

  • The ROG STRIX has a 6” 1080p display with a 90% NTSC color gamut for wide-viewing angles and richer colors.
  • The phone is powered by a 2.8GHz Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor and 8GB of RAM, ensuring it can handle any game or app you throw at it.
  • It comes with 128GB of storage, but you can also expand that by up to 2TB with a microSD card. The 3,600mAh battery should be able to last through a full day’s use, and it also supports Quick Charge 4.0 for a quick top-up.

Product Reviews:

  • “I purchased this monitor in preparation for the release of the PS5. Initially, I couldn’t seem to find a way for it to output at 120 Hz. After a little trial and error, I found the solution. Here is how to output in 120 Hz, just keep in mind that not all games currently on the PS5 are 120 Hz capable. Go to SETTING-SAVED DATA AND GAME/APP SETTINGS-GAME PRESETS- and change the setting to PERFORMANCE MODE. After doing this COD Cold War was output at 1080p 120 Hz. Overall, this monitor does the trick for now. At 1 ms response time, you can ask for more, except for 4k at 120 Hz. This will hold me over for now.” – Chris
  • “I purchased the, my first monitor, back in early November for my son. The kids loved it so much that we ordered a second monitor for my wife in late November. The monitor was supposed to arrive in mid-December so we can place it under the Christmas tree – which it didn’t. I contacted the seller and in less than 4 hours I had a response with details about the monitor. It turns out the monitor had been going back and forth from the east coast to the west coast. They contacted UPS and provided me with daily updates. When I explained it was a Christmas gift they made arrangements to ship out a replacement to ensure I had the gift prior to Christmas. They were professional, polite, and offered solutions to make me – their customer – happy with my purchase. The monitor arrived and it’s now under the Christmas tree. They literally went the extra mile to make sure I received my purchase. To this day, the original purchase has not surfaced. While it’s rare to have great customer service during the holidays when everyone is anxious about their presents arriving safely and on time, this seller proved it can be done with a smile on your face. Thank you.” – Madwyck
  • “Built my 1st PC and went with this monitor not knowing if I would like a curved display or not. Love it. The curve is listed as being one of the more aggressive curvatures if I remember correctly and was a bit jarring the first time I saw it. But once connected and gaming it just works. Images do not seem distorted or anything like that (although I sit fairly close, at a desk). 144 Hz with Freesync is the obvious selling feature and it works great. Playing through A.C. Origins, DMC 5, and now The Division 2 I haven’t had any problems with tearing/stuttering. Everything is smooth and displayed clearly. The only thing I could really nitpick about is that the frame counter is fairly large and red, not exactly discreet. Not big enough to be really bothersome, but I just end up using the client launcher or separate applications if I want to see/check my frame rate. Really a personal taste/preference more than a negative.” – Justin W


4. AOC CU34G2X


  • Rapid 1ms response
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 3-Sided frameless design
  • VA panel for wide viewing



How Good Is AOC CU34G2X Gaming Monitor?

Despite not being the brightest monitor available, the AOC CU34G2X has a high native contrast ratio and features super-accurate color rendering. It’s the best sports display we’ve seen at its current price point so far, thanks to a 144 Hz refresh rate, FreeSync, and G-Sync (unofficially) using HDR. This is worth serious consideration for ultra-wide gamers.

HDR service, along with a new display refresh rate, might give you an advantage in gaming. However, we agree that AMD’s FreeSync or Nvidia’s G-Sync is an indispensable tool regardless of a screen’s refresh rate. Yet, more and more matches are making the most of HDR along with the wider color gamut of DCI-P3. To fully comprehend the founder’s intention, individuals ought to add these features to their shopping list.

This AOC gaming display offers HDR & FreeSync, 34-inches diagonal, 3440×1440 resolution, and the promise of high performance with a 144 Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. Compared to the competition, the AOC CU34G2X offers a 1500mm curved panel that promises 300 nits of brightness and a wide color gamut. Though it’s not promoted as an HDR monitor, it does support HDR and HDR10 formats. The CU34G2X will keep up with both FreeSync and G-Sync modes as well as 10bit HDR. Since the screen is 8-bits deep, the quality of 10Bit HDR will suffer, but this is the standard for all but very expensive 12-bit monitors.

If you want Adaptive-Sync, there’s MBR, which works fast, so a high-end graphics card isn’t required. The only requirement is enough to power to maintain a 4K video at 60 frames per second (fps). The CU34G2X is somewhat more expensive than 27-inch 16:9 1440p displays that offer comparable features. However, that extra screen width and its 1500R curvature should provide a much more immersive experience.

The on-screen display is AOC’s usual strip that runs the full width of the screen. It has seven sections and includes all the necessary options for calibration and gaming. However, you will not depend on the color controllers because the CU34G2X is entirely accurate by default.

Our Reviews:

  • The AOC CU34G2X curved gaming monitor immerses you in your favorite games with its 1800R curvature and 3440×1440 resolution.
  • The monitor’s 100Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time provide smooth, blur-free images even during fast-paced action scenes. The monitor’s VESA mount allows you to attach it to a wall or desk mount, freeing up desk space.
  • The included AMD FreeSync technology synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with your graphics card to eliminate tearing and stuttering for a smooth gaming experience. The CU34G2X’s built-in speakers provide quality sound without the need for additional speakers or headphones.

Product Reviews:

  • “After having been burnt by cheap screens and unreliable suppliers 2 times already while shopping for an ultra-widescreen, I stumbled across this AOC ultra-wide curved screen. The specs were better than those for the screens I had to return or cancel, and I read a great in-depth review on this screen that implied it was very good value for the price, so I took another chance on a brand I don’t recognize. It came faster than expected during the Coronavirus pandemic, and despite a ding in the side of the box that didn’t get through the protective styrofoam, it was in perfect condition. It is assembled super easily and feels very sturdy, and can both turn and tilt (its width prevent rotating to portrait orientation of course). The ultra-wide screen is impressive and much more pleasant and comfortable than the 2 screens I was using previously. I love the dark grey with dark satin red metal highlights.
    The picture is beautiful, bright, and hi-res, with no dead pixels at all. Running at 3440×1440 at 144hz. I haven’t fully explored its features, like HDR, but so far it has impressed me, especially for the price.” – James
  • “I am not a hardcore gamer, but I do play a lot of games. I also work long hours at my “computer” job which benefits from a lot of screen real estate. This monitor does everything to elevate these two pursuits!
    If like me, you don’t really care about having the absolute best specs but do want the 2K resolution, low latency, and good viewing angles, this will meet or exceed your expectations. I was coming from a very good 10-year-old Dell 27″ 2K display. This still feels like an upgrade. It’s not the prettiest monitor out there, with a thick chin and thick in-display bezels (see the picture; don’t believe the bezel-less claim), and the input button layout is a pain to navigate (why no joystick), but honestly, these are not things that affect your day-to-day. And for this price point, you should not care at all. So, in short, if you’re searching at this price point, just buy it! You’ll do just fine!” – Harsha M
  • “This is my second AOC monitor, this one I bought specifically for sim racing. My first AOC was the 27″ non-ultra-wide version. That monitor I had for over a year and it is still kicking as good as new with a family member. As for this one I can not be happier about this kind of monitor at this price point. The picture quality is excellent, the performance is good (not top-notch but good), zero pixel issues, very little ghosting, and works perfectly for what I wanted – essentially to extend my FOV in simulators without using a second monitor to do so. Biggest and really only complaint is the monitor’s UI, button placement, and button configuration – all of which seemed to have been designed with zero logical thought whatsoever.” – MetalMastodon


5. LG 34UC79G-B

Best Monitor Under 500 USD

  • 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor
  • Response time 14ms to 5ms
  • 1ms motion blur reduction
  • 144 Hertz refresh rate



LG 34UC79G-B: A Significantly Lower-Priced Monitor That Performs Excellently

L34UC79G-B is a 34-inch curved widescreen unit supporting FreeSync at 144Hz. We were impressed that the price was significantly lower than other curved panels available in the industry. The lowest price is due to the 2,560 x 1,080 resolution.

That’s lower than other kinds of big, curved screens, and that means smaller, individual pixels can be seen up close, but it’s not all bad since the pixel count means it’s easier to find this display running with graphics cards that are mid-range.

It enabled us to obtain smooth frame rates while running Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and The Witcher 3, resulting in tear-free action at good speeds. The curved, wide design offers better immersive gaming than typical 4K panels with reduced size and additional height.

The LG uses an IPS panel, hence its great color reproduction enclosed in a design that combines matte black cloth with crimson accents. The display is sturdy and simple to assemble, and its height can be adjusted by just 120 millimeters. You can’t swivel, turn, or tilt it, which is typical for wider displays. There’s a quick menu with a brightness and contrast tool, along with volumes. It works well, even when the joystick feels wobbly.

A flat panel such as this with strong contrast and the color temperature does not pose uniformity difficulties. The brightness will not vary by more than 12 percent, even at the corners, and colors may only vary by up to 5 percent. It is also a quick panel.

Our Reviews:

  • The LG 34UC79G-B monitor is a great choice for gamers and professionals alike. The monitor’s 3440×1440 resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio provide plenty of screen real estate for work or play.
  • The monitor’s 144hz refresh rate ensures smooth, responsive gameplay and eliminates image tearing. The monitor’s 1ms response time ensures that fast-paced action sequences are rendered smoothly and without ghosting or blurring.
  • The monitor’s AMD FreeSync technology synchronizes the refresh rate of the monitor with the graphics card to prevent image tearing and choppiness.

Product Reviews:

  • “I’m a Big Fan of Nvidia, but G-Sync is expensive and doesn’t make much sense for those of us who get the best Graphics Cards with 120hz or greater monitors. So when I found this monitor claiming it had a “Virtual” 1ms response time mode. I went ahead and made the purchase and I’m glad I did. It’s hard to find Ultra-Wide Monitors 32″ or above with a decent response time. But this monitor really shines in FPS and Racing titles and the screen is super sharp. I haven’t seen any tearing or ghosting with an MSI 1080ti Gaming X pushing this monitor.
    My old monitor was a 27″ Acer Nvidia 3D ready with 1920×1080 resolution, 120hz Refresh Rate, and 2ms Response Time. So it’s not like I’m coming from a small 60hz monitor. This sure does feel like a worthy upgrade for anyone to enjoy…” – Kany
  • “Won Monitor Lotter, NO dead pixels or IPS glow in corners. White screen uniform. Perfect monitor. Running G-Sync on this Freesync monitor with no problems. Using Nvidia 1080 with the latest driver update (driver 419.17 released 2/22/2019). Also updated 1080 firmware using Nvidia firmware update tool. With the firmware update, Nvidia 1080 display port is 1.4 fully compatible and works with 34GK950F-B display port 1.4 with no problem. The color and resolution on a 34-inch widescreen while in-game are fantastic. Using Fraps, have clocked FPS to 144, but varies due to the limitation of my GPU, not the Monitor. The only problem was Amazon shipped me the wrong monitor (LG 32GK650F) the first time around, which they corrected with next-day shipping with the correct monitor. Was pissed when I got the wrong monitor, but they corrected the problem Must give Amazon Customer Service Credit. Would only buy a large ticket Items like this if it is being fulfilled by Amazon and backed by the Amazon return policy.
    Updated monitor firmware to version 3.01 using LG Onscreen Control Software with USB cable connected along with DP 1.4 cable. Downloaded the latest version of Onscreen Control Software from the LG website. Version on CD sent with the monitor is an older version.” – Black hawk
  • “I’ve always said to never go cheap on the peripherals you interact with – monitors, keyboard & mouse need to be great. This monitor falls in that great category. Obviously, it’s a bigger monitor than most, but you don’t truly realize how big and awesome it is until you get it set up on your desk. I was going to toy around with HDR but really haven’t found the need to do it because the colors on the Nano IPS panel are absolutely excellent. There is some IPS glow on all four corners. The photo I took makes it look worse than it actually is. I only really ever notice it when I’m watching a full-screen video in 16:9 and I have the black bars on either side. There is a little glow, but it doesn’t bother me really at all. This version of the monitor does not have the RGB shenanigans on the back like the g-sync version, but I’d never turn it on anyways. The only con so far is the stuff I learned after I bought it. I did my fair share of due diligence trying to pull up reviews and such, but I recommend you download the manual and give it a read before you make your purchase… I didn’t think to do that. If your GPU has display port 1.2, then you will be capped at 100hz. You also can’t use the 1ms motion blur feature either. However, I read in the manual that you can’t use free sync and motion blur together anyway. It would have been nice to know. My Fury GPU wouldn’t push 144 fps at this resolution anyway so maybe the 1.2 is a push. All I know is I’ll need display port 1.4 from a 1080ti, RTX or Radeon vii for another $600 or so thank you very much.” – Guapo


6. Acer ED273

Acer ED273

  • 27 inches Full HD Display
  • Curved widescreen display
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Response Time 4ms



The Fantastic Fact About Acer ED273

Acer’s ED273 features a 27-inch screen with 1080p visuals that refresh at 144Hz for maximum entertainment and gaming performance without breaking the bank. It features a curved VA panel for increased immersion, deeper contrast levels, and deeper vibrancy, which is excellent for gaming. The Acer ED273 shows the screen market’s maturity by considering 144Hz as a common spec, making possession easy and reasonable.

This widescreen monitor might seem ordinary if it did not feature a slightly aggressive 1800r avatar. An exceptionally thin plastic lid serves as the frame around the perimeter of the display, leaving the remainder of the display free from bezels.

However, it is somewhat difficult to keep the glossy black exterior free of dust and scratches due to the fact that the exclusive goods, along with its stand, total 6.6 inches deep. With a low price and a curvy shape, this gaming monitor is the right candidate for triple monitor setups.

If you prefer gaming, you will not be successful as the display comes with a matte AG remedy if you desire the silver/white color scheme. It is fine not to tweak the screen frequency, but it is unlikely to be liquid crystal clear as it lacks resolution.

For these and other reasons, larger versions with 1080p resolutions can turn off some buyers; however, we believe the combination works for many gaming purposes. In addition, heads and hidden objectives will render larger than a standard screen, providing a discrete advantage for competitive gamers.

The picture quality of the Acer ED273 does not impress when viewed through a DataColor Spyder Colorimeter. We expect VA panels to offer expanded color gamuts or additional salinity, but this model is only effective at 98% of sRGB.

While the WLED backlight might not be as bright as specified at 230cd/m2, the contrast ratio is still an impressive 1600:1 at 50% brightness. The ratio falls short of the expected 3000:1, but the screen already offers rich blacks and excellent visibility at low light levels.

Our Reviews:

  • The Acer ED273 is a great monitor for gamers with its fast response time and low input lag. The monitor has a 144hz refresh rate, which means you won’t have to miss a single frame of action.
  • The monitor’s 27″ size makes it perfect for gaming and watching movies or TV shows. With its AMD FreeSync technology, the Acer ED273 prevents image tearing and stuttering for a smooth gaming experience.
  • The Acer ED273 has a built-in blue light filter to reduce eye fatigue, and it also features flicker-free technology to minimize screen flickering.

Product Reviews:

  • “I saved a decent chunk of change by buying this on Prime Day. For the regular price, I still think this would be a great monitor and you will certainly see the difference if coming from a <25inch 60Hz monitor. The curve isn’t really noticeable but I’m sure if I had the same model but flat next to it I would prefer this slightly curved model. One con is the brightness, I haven’t been able to match it up in brightness/contrast with my other 144hz monitor from Acer. It just can’t achieve the same brightness as that cheaper 144hz monitor could, which sucks. This is only annoying if I’m gaming with the blinds open, with them closed/at night the brightness is all anyone needs. I was thoroughly surprised by how much bigger the monitor was than I thought it would be. Overall, I returned a monitor bought a month ago that was ultrawide 144hz from a cheap Chinese manufacturer, and now buying this monitor I can definitely see why buying from trusted brand matters. Also, ultrawide is a gimmick and is only useful in video editing or various other workspace tasks, games rarely fully support ultrawide, and more than not it hinders your experience rather than benefits it. An example of this is Valorant, forcing a 16:9 aspect ratio. So if you like me and deciding between an ultrawide and a bigger 16:9 monitor, definitely get this!” – Michael
  • “Couldn’t find reviews online or specs on Acer website, but decided to take a chance. 144hz on DisplayPort with an RX580. Some flickering was occurring w/freesync enabled. Set free sync to the “AMD Optimized” setting and connecting to the second DP port resolved the issue. No skipped frames on the UFO test. The colors, brightness, and blacks are better than any other monitors in my house. The stand has a small range of tilt adjustments. The menu is driven by a small joystick/button on the right rear of the monitor. The curve is perfect at this size for desktop use and the screen fills my field of view which is quite nice. Scaling under Win10 at native resolution is fine for me. Worth the $400 overall.” – Dane
  • “Great picture, no dead pixels. The stand is bare-bones, yet stable. I ended up putting this on a wall-mount arm. Freesync is great, I have pushed it with an r9 290x, and I am currently using a Red Dragon Vega 56 which has been a sweet spot at 1440p. Overall very happy with the monitor.” – mbug78


7. Samsung CFG73

Samsung CFG73

  • 27 inches Full HD widescreen display
  • 144HZ refresh rate
  • Quantum dot technology
  • Gaming mode & Arena lighting



Why Does The Samsung CFG73 Make Your Gaming Experience Enjoyable?

The Samsung CFG73 comes with a super-fast time of 1ms. It uses Samsung’s propelled movement obscure decrease technology. The 144Hz refresh rate screens have Quantum Dot, a 3000:1 difference ratio, and further, enhance the picture quality. The high contrast ratio enables the screen to display more vivid hues.

However, gamers can change the response time, invigoration rate, and brightness with its intuitive UI. The 2k goal will deliver brilliant images for any game. The screen is heavy 12 pounds and costs under $300 on Amazon. It is best used with the correct gaming console and mouse.

There are plenty of reasons why I like the VA display. It’ll look great no matter what the color settings are. Its sleek design makes it easy to see, even straight-on, so you don’t need to change the settings. It kills when the screen controls so that there is no diverting light. The foot is vast and very well structured. It has programmable display mode switches, so it is quick and straightforward.

Our Reviews:

  • The Samsung CFG73 has a curved screen that creates an immersive viewing experience. The monitor is equipped with AMD FreeSync technology that eliminates tearing and stuttering for a smooth gaming experience.
  • The CFG73 has a QLED backlight that provides a realistic picture with deep blacks and vibrant colors. The monitor has a 1 ms response time that ensures fast-moving objects are displayed smoothly.
  • The CFG73 is also equipped with a height-adjustable stand that allows you to adjust the screen to the perfect height for your viewing preference.

Product Reviews:

  • “Great screen. Good quality. The only problem is I had to return the first one (bought somewhere else) because of backlight bleeding… Just make sure to return asap if it happens to you. I won’t remove a star for that though since my previous screen was a Samsung and it lasted 15 years! Still good today as I am using it as a second screen.” – Uther The Lightbringer
  • “Monitor has amazing picture quality for 144hz. This VA panel is much better than TN panel monitors; hardly had to tweak the color settings to get it looking great. The curve is only very slight and not really noticeable when viewing the monitor straight on; it’s a welcome addition. Take a star off because the stand is very awkward and poorly designed for such a high-end monitor. Honestly, I have never had an issue with the stand on any monitor I have ever used until this one. It’s not the most stable (although apparently better than the CFG70 style) and the feet stick forward a huge amount; much more so than it appears in the picture. They stick forward so far and the stand itself is so deep, that the keyboard and mouse end up having to be at least 3-4 inches further from the screen than a typical stand. I tried for two weeks to get used to it and could never get my mouse and keyboard in a comfortable position. The monitor itself was so good that I did not bother returning it. I was able to use the included VESA (75mm standard) adapter and make it work with the stand from my previous Dell monitor. If you like to sit close to your monitor and have your keyboard and mouse directly under the screen, you will likely need to buy a different stand or a monitor arm. The quality of the panel is still worth this setback in my opinion, but just be aware of the potential issues with the stand before you buy. If Samsung shipped this thing with a nice sturdy, compact stand (such as the Dell ones which have a short depth) they would have a 5-star product here.” – Dan
  • “For the price tag, this monitor is great. Crisp image and solid quality. The only negative for this monitor is the stand as stated by previous buyers. It takes a lot of space.” – Spencer


8. Samsung C27HG70

Samsung C27HG70

  • Quantum dot technology
  • QHD resolution
  • Refresh rate 144Hz
  • Response time 1M/s



The Samsung C27HG70 Has Excellent Picture Quality That Gamers Will Appreciate

However, the Samsung C27HG70 offers the best picture with HDR for under $500. It is a 144Hz gaming screen that is dependent on a bent VA panel, which means the colors are not as vibrant and the response time is not as fast as on the 27GL850.

A static complexity ratio of 3,000:1 matches the Samsung C27HG70’s VA Board so that blacks will appear deeper, whites brighter, and connections between the darkest and brightest tones will be rendered progressively clearer.

Further, it has a QDEF (quantum dab upgraded film) layer, increasing its shading to 100% DCI-P3 in RGB. Samsung’s C27HG70 projector can support HDR content from a run-of-mill 350 nits to a ravishing 600 nits, allowing users to visualize subtlety that cannot be seen on a conventional display.

This screen features minor darkening, which includes eight zones that can only reduce portions of an image with dark parts without affecting the bright regions of the screen.

With such qualities, the Samsung C27HG70 provides you with much in the way of much deeper contrasts and a more overall admirable picture quality, which explains why this screen is certified by VESA as DisplayHDR 600. The Samsung CHG70, as well as other Samsung displays that utilize Samsung’s VA chipset, are influenced by the brilliance glimmering issue when FreeSync is enabled.

You’ll also find the 1ms MPRT strobing features, which are ideal for fast-paced games since they can eliminate a great deal of spreading. With a massive screen and large bezels, it is ultra-dainty! You also get full ergonomic support including up to 145mm height alteration, +/ – 15° rotation, 90° tilt, and 100x100mm VESA. There are various connectivity options including DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0bs, USB 3.0 dual-ports, an earphone jack, and an amplifier jack.

Our Reviews:

  • The Samsung C27HG70 is a gaming monitor that uses quantum dot technology to create a realistic and immersive gaming experience. The Samsung C27HG70 is the perfect monitor for gamers who want the best possible gaming experience.
  • Its 1 ms response time and 144 Hz refresh rate make it ideal for gaming, and its HDR support ensures that you’ll see every detail in your favorite games.
  • The C27HG70 also features a curved screen that wraps around your field of view for an even more immersive experience. Plus, its 27″ size makes it perfect for gaming on the go or in your home office.

Product Reviews:

  • “Very nice product. As a gamer, spending $700+ on a gaming monitor was an investment. First the good stuff: the colors are amazing. Gaming performance is excellent for FPS stuff. I don’t use FreeSync 2, because I use an Nvidia card – but I don’t see any tearing in games at such a high refresh rate. The 27” size is ideal. The monitor is bright! Now the bad news – in windows HDR is still not a thing… at least not that I found to be remotely interesting or something I would pay for. Also, I have a single dead pixel (just one!) in my immediate field of view… drives me nuts. The other 3,686,399 pixels work just fine! In this day and age, I am not used to seeing dead pixels. Just hope no more show up.” – Peter
  • “This monitor improves on everything that my previous monitor has with the same size. This has a headphone passthrough making it ideal for multiple devices in addition to a PC such as a console, streaming devices, and other devices. The 2 additional USB ports are separately powered which can work well for charging and powering other devices or even using an external hard drive with it. It has a higher resolution than the other monitor at 1440p which works well for videos and gaming (assuming of course you have a beefy enough computer to drive that high of a resolution). It has a lot of angles of adjustment which makes it more comfortable to use, and can even be flipped to portrait mode for better web and document production, and games like Sound Voltex and Groove Coaster will work really well with this as well as other vertically-oriented games. For me, it really is a perfect monitor with little to no flaws within it. If I had to suggest a few things, the power cord that comes with this has a weird L-shape making it difficult to use at times, and the stand is a little big for my liking, but those can be swapped out without too much work due to the monitor being VESA compatible and using a standard power port for this type of monitor. Speakers would have been nice but I already have a pair so it works better. Highly recommended” – Kevin
  • “The panel is great, it’s just disappointing that this display only supports DP 1.2a so if you try to use HDR/10-bit you will be limited to 1440p@120Hz. In SDR mode 1440p@144Hz works great and FreeSync has worked OOB for me. There are backlight issues that are present in most VA panels where an all-black screen very visibly shows the locations of the backlights and presents backlight bleed, during normal usage, this is unnoticeable but might be an issue with very dark scenes. Be sure to have plenty of desk space for this display, its bigger than I was expecting (32″ version)!” – Elaina Claus


9. Alienware 1900R

Alienware 1900R

  • 34 inches curved monitor
  • Fast 120 hertz refresh rate
  • Minimizes display stutter
  • Designed for the enthusiast


If you are a gaming enthusiast, you should think about this screen, among others, in this survey. It has a viewpoint proportion of 21:9 and highlights a LED-lit screen. It has a high goal of 3440 x 1440p. This guarantees that you will not exclusively have exceptionally sharp pictures and shading profundity, yet also a gigantic screenland to run different applications simultaneously. 

The screen overclocks to the 120Hz refresh rate. It highlights G-Sync innovation for smooth interactivity. The 4ms reaction time makes it better for any gamer to see this screen and be able to pay slight heed to their preferences. The screen has a splendor level of 300 candelas for each square meter. With the correct console, you will have a top-notch gaming experience—the best gaming screen under 500 chosen by our editorial manager. 

The fabulous highlights of this screen dispense with tearing, limits show falter, and info slack. It is maybe the explanation that numerous purchasers on amazon express extreme fulfillment with the display. Likewise, you can modify this screen with four distinctive lighting zones for a customized dynamic look as you would prefer. 

Our Reviews:

  • The Alienware 1900R has a 34″ curved display with a 21:9 aspect ratio for an immersive gaming experience.
  • The monitor has a resolution of 3440×1440, giving you crystal clear images and colors. It’s equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to eliminate screen tearing and minimize input lag.
  • The 1900R has a built-in headphone jack and 2 HDMI ports for easy connection to your gaming PC or console. The monitor also has a USB 3.0 hub for easy access to your peripherals. The Alienware 1900R is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Product Reviews:

  • “The monitor is wonderful, BUT don’t expect it to work properly at 120Hz. I and many other users get constant black flickers at the OC levels (110Hz-120Hz). Works perfectly fine @ 100Hz” – Anovikov
  • “Where to begin! No cons, just buy it. It’s a game-changer. You will have such an advantage over the opposing player with this screen. The build quality is the best I have seen and I have owned a ton of hardware. The color is unbelievable, so sharp and crisp. The menu system is very simple, making overclocking to 120 no problem.” – Liam Howlett
  • “3440 x 1440 is amazing. I was worried that I would be disappointed going from a 4k g-sync monitor to this…Forget the 4k monitor, ultra-wide is it. The only way it could get better is with a higher resolution. But with the horsepower that it would require it’s not really worth it yet. Ultra-wide makes gaming more immersive and really allows you to get drawn into the action. My only complaint is that ultra-wide has been around for a little while and it is still really expensive. Granted this monitor has a pretty high refresh rate, which I must admit does make a big difference coming from the locked 60hz 4k world. Though in defense of Alienware, this monitor is perfect, almost no IPS bleed, and no other issue to think of. As a warning though, it is A LOT bigger than I anticipated, so you will need a big desk for this behemoth. Also, unless you are coding and want to run a second monitor in portrait, don’t even bother considering running another monitor with this. Trust me…” – Justin


10. Dell U3818DW

Dell U3818DW

  • 38 inches WQHD+ curved screen
  • Six compatible RF devices or Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB Type C connectivity
  • 60Hz refresh rate


The brand new Dell curved monitor has a WQHD+ 3840 x 1600 native display resolution, making it perfect for video and photo editing. The U3818DW also comprises 99 percent sRGB mill calibration and is a flicker-free ComfortView screen. The former permits for color accuracy at Delta-E less than two while the latter tech prevents damaging blue light emissions from optimizing eye comfort.

With more experience under my belt when it comes to ultra-wide curved monitors, one of the most remarkable changes in how my IT workflow has shifted. Handling VMware vCenter, running a few Putty sessions, acquiring an Excel sheet available, and maybe a few browser sessions running are all possible to do now. At the exact moment. What used to take two screens to handle can now be done on one, and also how big the display surface has increased to the point where the native resolution dimensions are very like two good size monitors side by side.

The screen itself was straightforward to put together. Insert the rack base to the stand slot and turn the screw handle clockwise until it’s fully tightened, then fit the two tabs on the top region of the stand to the groove located on the rear of the monitor. Gently press the frame down till you feel it snap into position, and you’re done.

Most of the connectivity is located on the base of the display. Though it does not possess a DisplayPort outside connector, it does offer a lot of connectivity perfect because of its purpose use instances. From left to right are two HDMI port connectors, a DisplayPort in-connector, a USB Type-C interface, Audio-Line outside, two USB upstream ports, and two USB downstream ports (one using the Power Saver attribute ). The stand/security lock and power interface are also situated at the base.

Including Shortcut key/Preset Modes and shortcut key/volume button, the latter that permits users to pick from a selection of preset color modes. This is a nice little feature, as it allows users to quickly change their viewing style depending on what they’re doing. One of the presets is the comfortable display mode that lowers both the brightness and blue light degrees, which is excellent for users working hours and during the night.

Our Reviews:

  • The Dell U3818DW curved monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio and a WQHD resolution of 3840×1600, making it perfect for multitasking and viewing multiple windows at once. The monitor’s curve is designed to provide an immersive viewing experience that makes you feel like you’re right in the action.
  • The monitor’s curve is designed to provide an immersive viewing experience that makes you feel like you’re right in the action. With 99% coverage of the sRGB color gamut, the U3818DW reproduces accurate colors, making it ideal for photo and video editing.
  • The U3818DW has a built-in KVM switch, so you can control two PCs with one keyboard and mouse. The monitor features ComfortView technology, which reduces eye fatigue by filtering out harmful blue light.

Product Reviews:

  • “This is one of the greatest monitors available on the market today. It is worth every single penny. It works right out of the box with excellent color rendition; of course, it is very easy to calibrate the unit according to your needs (and there are calibration files for this monitor downloadable on the professional reviewers’ websites; I actually use one on my MacBook Pro mid-2018). In addition to working beautifully as soon as you hook it up, it has a number of useful ports, and the software is a dream come true, such is its incredibly effective intuitive design. The buttons are a joy to use, too: very responsive. Overall, this is likely – at least for now – the ultimate monitor for professionals, gamers, and advanced computer users who require ease of use and visual comfort. In short, it is a Lamborghini of a monitor. Very highly recommended.” – Piotr
  • “This is the best display I’ve ever experienced. A truly massive spread of pixels and so big you feel like you’re going to fall into the screen. I can fit four full-size documents up side-by-side-by-side-by-side, which is great for the legal work I do. Yes, this is pricey but think about how much time you spend staring at your monitor every day! Put that way it’s a great investment. Highly recommended.” – Timo Prime
  • “I bought this to replace my trusty old dual 27″ Dell LCD monitors. As a graphic designer, I had concerns about creating on a curved monitor and read a few guesses from non-designers that distortions might be a problem. I’ve had no such issue at all. I love this monitor – the image quality, the look, and the huge space savings in my work area. Highly recommended!” – Rich-n-Mary