10 Best Pc Cases Under $100 | Top Picks Of 2021

Indeed, one of the most challenging items to pick when building a new and reasonably priced PC may be the case. There are so many options to consider that finding the ideal one may be impossible for the noninvasive user.

Luckily for you, we know how to find the best PC cases under $100. Consequently, you can build a good desktop for a low price.

This means that you’ll receive all the advantages of the most costly options at a way lesser price; therefore, they are worth every penny.

Would you like to know how we picked these, which models we chose, and how to find the perfect one? Then look through this guide to find out!

Well If you want to build a budget-friendly gaming pc and then check out the best gaming pc cases under the 50 USD budget range.

10 Best Pc Cases Under $100 | Top Picks

1. Cooler Master MasterBox TD500

2. Thermaltake V-200 RGB Edition

3. NZXT H510 Compact Case

4. Phanteks Enthoo Pro Chassis

5. Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5

6. NZXT H 200 Mini-ITX

7. Cooler MasterBox Q500L

8. Fractal Focus G ATX Case

9. Phanteks Eclipse Steel ATX Case

10. Thermaltake Versa H18 Case

1.Cooler Master MasterBox TD500

Cooler Master MasterBox TD500
  • Water Cooling outlets
  • CPU Retaining hole
  • Supports 2 120mm radiator fans
  • Top platform for personal belongings
  • Supports two 120mm radiator fans



Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 was Built by One of the Most Trusted Case Brands

We’ll start our search with a powerful case that is the Cooler Master HAF912. Built by one of the most trusted case brands around, this is a well-built, sturdy case that will make your desktop setup a piece of cake.

On the front, the case has a rugged design with a completely black structure. This masks the actual advantage of its design: its ventilation.

It is a large enough case for two 120mm radiator fans so that you could improve your cooling system effectively. But it is the collection of water-cooling sockets that makes it so unique, as that means you will never experience overheating.

Whether they are SSDs or HDDs, they will fit without any difficulties. With the four hidden 2.5-inches slots, you will acquire impressive storage capacity.

There may still be four spaces available if you need 5,25-inch devices, such as Blu-ray or DVD players. If your CPU cooler is tall, it will not be a problem since it offers a 170mm distance.

Additionally, there’s a USB 2.0, USB 3.0, MIC, and HEADPHONE port on top. Of course, the power-up and on-screen can’t be overlooked either, along with the reset button. The case has everything you need. Even the wires will be able to go in together.

Our Reviews:

  • The MasterBox TD500 is a budget-friendly mid-tower gaming case that offers plenty of features for gamers and PC builders on a budget.
  • The case has a tool-less design that makes it easy to install components, and the cable management system keeps cables tidy and organized. It also comes with a pre-installed 120mm fan, and there are mounts for two more fans.
  • The MasterBox TD500 can accommodate graphics cards up to 410mm in length, and CPU coolers up to 160mm in height. It also has room for up to four SSDs and two HDDs.

Product Reviews:

  • “Side panel and the front panel look amazing. Got room for RGB strips on the front of you want more lights Wish the shroud extended all the way to the front of the case. If you want to add 140mm to the front I suggest making new mounting holes because they are currently seen to be placed at the very bottom and halfway on the middle openings. Top fans don’t leave any room for RGB strips as they are right up against the edge but you can add lights to the bottom. Overall very nice case for the money. P.s. try not to place a big heatsink on there. The Noctua NH-u14s 140mm heatsink barely fits with the panel on.” – Alex Timothee
  • “Note that my experience with this case was transferred from a Corsair Carbide 100R, a cheaper and much flimsier case.
    Overall really impressed. Feels very sturdy but also doesn’t weigh a ton, cable management is good with plenty of tie-down points for zip ties or cable ties. Fans are nice and quiet and seem to do a good job of keeping my system cool (Ryzen 5 3600 with Hyper 212 RGB Cooler, MSI Armor RTX 2070). I really like the grooves etched in the tempered glass panel, adds a little bit of flair that other cases were lacking for me and I feel it helps it stand out from the rest. The only complaint that I do have with it (and it is a small one) is that the power supply window is a little too short to display the entire label on my power supply (Corsair RM750X) but that really doesn’t bother me all that much. Overall very happy.” – Benjamin Heinisch
  • “Really like this case. Some have said the power supply was blocked by the drive cages, which is true but they are not needed and are easily removable. There are mounts for 2 SSDs in the main case and you might be using NVMe drives anyway. Some pluses, all the screw posts for a full-size ATX board are already installed and every bit of hardware you might want is included. A couple of very minor negs, no PC speaker is included (you can get a half dozen for less than $10) and the manual is tiny and hard to read (download the PDF copy which is easy to read and navigate). Last, while 3 front fans are included, there is ample room for 3 more on the top and one in the back that is not. Seems like in a full-size ATX case at least the rear fan would be included.” – D. Orders


2. Thermaltake V-200 RGB Edition

Thermaltake V-200 RGB Edition
  • Built-in dual-mode 12V Sync controller
  • 16 LED modes through I/O port
  • Clear view of PC gaming
  • Built-in PSU cover
  • Drive Bays 3 x 2. 5″ + 2 x 3. 5″



What Makes the Thermaltake V-200 Stand Out?

Our next hot brand is Thermaltake. This time, we bring you the v-200 RGB Edition: a good-looking and extra-open case with a tempered glass next to it. What makes this case stand out, at first sight, is its look.

Three 120mm fans can be mounted in front of your monitor to improve ventilation, but the exciting thing is that the RGB LEDs that they are equipped with make seven distinct colors. Don’t worry, and the LEDs are programmable so that you can tweak them easily.

As for distance and slots, you will get two drive bays for storage. They utilize 2.5 and 3.5 pushes without any issues. Moreover, since the case’s lid is made of glass, you can see the interior without opening the lid.

It can be attached to any motherboard and offer the ability to install 160mm CPU coolers, 380mm long GPUs, and even 170mm power supplies. Because of a cover on the PSU, keeps the PSU entirely safe from its surroundings.

For example, the case has perfect I/Os, like a USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 inputs, along with a dual HDMI input and RGB light switch. And of course, it’s priced very affordable.

Our Reviews:

  • The Thermaltake V-200 RGB Edition features 12 multi-colored addressable LEDs on the front panel that can be controlled by the included controller. The user can choose from 7 static colors and 5 dynamic modes, including the rainbow mode and music mode.
  • The V-200 supports motherboards with an RGB Sync connector, including Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and Asrock. A 200mm fan with a high airflow design is pre-installed to provide excellent cooling performance.
  • The V-200 has a transparent side window to show off your build. Tool-free installation of 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives make it easy to add storage. It has a front panel with two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, and HD audio jacks.

Product Reviews:

  • “I wanted something with a small footprint, and this fitted the bill, and at a very competitive price. Just be sure you get the right-sized components. The compromise is that you cannot have as many connectors as a full-sized tower, but there are workarounds. Solid piece of kit, very easy to work on. Excellent all round.” – B. Major
  • “Way smaller than an atx case, looks good, no vibrations or noises.” – Amazon Customer
  • ” Space, on the same level as my HAF-32. Took the 8 drives, and 3 SSD’s in the back. Has filters to keep the dust-out. Added massive fans 2 top, and 2 front, 2 120’s on the bottom, 140 exhaust. Ryzen 3800X at 4.2, 32 gigs Gskill Trident Z. For power, I went with a bitcoin 1600 watt power supply, because it offered lots of connections and then some. I can game full tilt with the Evga GTX 1660, and not ever once blow hot air out of it. Bought the power supply right here. Has not skipped a beat. MOBO is an Asus AM4 X570 TUF GAMING With WIFI, these boards are new. Booted out of the box and never looked back. Fans are supplied by Dark Flash. The case is epic. It will also take a couple of liquid coolers. Drive cages are mods, you can change the case to how you need it. You know you want one. 🙂 ROCK SOLID. There is also a 1TB Crucial 3D NAND NVME on the board. The heat sink matches the design of the board. Cheers!” – Rhonda


3. NZXT H510 Compact Case

NZXT H510 Compact Case
  • Front I/O USB Type-C Port
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Single screw installation
  • Enhanced cable management
  • Two Aer F120mm fans included
  • Optimal internal airflow



What is the Advantage of Buying NZXT H510?

The H510 mid-tower case from NZXT is less hot than Cooler Master and Thermaltake but as appealing, durable, and practical all at the same time. This makes NZXT a brand you ought not to miss.

Having one of its most modern designs on the market, this model has the advantage of being completely white, with tempered glass on the sideboard. This makes your computer noteworthy and is likely to make you want to boast about your desktop computer.

But the case is suitable for everyone looking for durability and convenience. That begins with the F120mm fans at the top and back. It guarantees superior ventilation even on the hottest days. It also offers three straight SSD trays and three HDD slots for more storage capacity.

Moreover, you also get a premier I/O platform, such as two USB 3.1 interfaces and a headphone sound jack for added convenience. No matter what kind of components you have, the NZXT case will make it so straightforward to mount them up.

Our Reviews:

  • The NZXT H510 Compact Case is perfect for small form factor builds and each of its features has been designed to make your installation as seamless as possible.
  • The case sports a built-in PSU shroud that covers the entire bottom of the case, hiding away all of your cables and giving your build a much cleaner look. Installation is a breeze with tool-less SSD and HDD trays that make adding or swapping drives quick and easy.
  • The H510 also comes with a pre-installed and easily removable front radiator bracket that makes installing a water cooling setup a breeze. It has a tempered glass side panel and a PSU shroud that gives you a clean and clutter-free build. It comes with an RGB LED strip that you can use to personalize your build.

Product Reviews:

  • “This is my first ever review on Amazon and I’ve been a prime member for YEARS, but I had to review this case. This case is the upgraded version of the H500 from my understanding. I purchased the H510 (White) and it is simply amazing. The “i” version provides RGB technology but you may already have enough RGB lighting that you don’t need to spend the extra money. The H510 has supreme cable management over other cases and a tempered glass side panel to show off your sleek hardware. As for temperatures, my Ryzen 7 2700x stays at around 36-40 Degrees Celsius at 0% load, AMD XFX 580 at around 46-50 Degree Celsius at 0% load (AMD runs hotter). Some might say that the airflow is questionable due to the fact that the front is covered by steel but the air is taken from the side of the case. I have not had any problems thus far with temperatures even at 100% load. The case comes with 2 additional chassis fans and room for two fans in the front or a 280 mm CPU water cooler such as Kraken 62. The case also comes with additional standoffs, screws, and zip ties. I would recommend using a fully modular PSU to benefit from the cable management this case has to offer. Overall 5/5 and this is my first NZXT product. Goodbye Thermaltake.” – Amazon Customer
  • “I needed something smaller so my gaming pc wouldn’t stick out as much from under my desk and this one was 2-3 inches shorter than my old case so it was perfect. I was wary to pull the trigger cause of the reviews. But I’ve come to realize every product no matter how good always has a few bad reviews. As well as sometimes people get duds or a defective unit(it happens) some guy said his bottom legs fell out.. mines were perfect. I was careful when moving it etc. really EZ case to build on. Cable management is superb. As well as the 3.5 and 2.5 drive slots are nice and tucked away on the back and underside. Love how the power supply has its own covered section and cables route from the back which makes the front look extra clean. The only gripe I have is the 4 case thumb screws that could have been better quality. But everything else including provided screws for case/motherboard/fans/PSU/video cards all good. Also, I was worried about temps with this case being exhaust-based (negative pressure or something like that) it flows pretty well. I don’t know if it’s better than my old case because I installed a new Noctua air cooler to replace the stock intel fan so I’m seeing record low temps. But tbh that wouldn’t have an effect on MB temps and ram temps and I’m seeing the same or better than the old case with a traditional front intake opening. (and that’s with only 2 fans 1 exhaust and one bottom front, I removed the top exhaust fan)… and yes that’s my cat that jumped inside my case right before I installed the video card🤦‍♂️ I was like wth. No, he didn’t mess anything up, and after this, I bought him a Tippi house here on amazon lol.” – GGTPls1
  • “I feel like this case is too premium to be sold in its price bracket, and that is definitely a good thing. I originally snagged a black one but felt it looked too plain, so I traded it out for the white one. I love the attention to detail on NZXT’s end. The case was a dream to build in, and cable management was an absolute breeze. I love the materials and the design, They are sleek, modern, minimalistic, and very premium. The case came with everything I needed hardware-wise and the included fans are very quiet, I can barely hear it running at idle or light loads. Mine is paired with an Asus Prime X470 Pro, and I have to say, the white compliments the case beautifully. There is plenty of space for large cards as well. I have an XFX RX 5700 Thicc II, which isn’t horribly long, but it is wide, and Thicc. This case, gets my stingy and very picky, thumb of approval” – Randy


4. Phanteks Enthoo Pro Chassis

Phanteks Enthoo Pro Chassis
  • Enthoo Pro includes a 1 x 200mm fan
  • 2 included Phanteks’ premium fans
  • The PWM hub makes it possible
  • Function through 1 PWM connector
  • Removable dust filters for easy maintenance
  • split-window design and PSU cover




What Makes the Phanteks Enthoo Pro Chassis Attractive?

The Enthoo Pro Chassis is one of the biggest, most convenient, and nicest-looking sets of PC cases in the entire industry, which is why Phanteks makes it an essential issue to look at when you are looking for a PC case.

At first sight, you will see an entirely attractive brushed plastic design with an aluminum split-window panel. Yet, there is not only the look but also an impressive benefit. The case comes with two fans, one at 200mm for excellent cooling and 140mm for added ventilation.

A removable bracket is available for two positions inside, while a built-in PSU distance allows you to set up the components easily. Additionally, there is dual-casted housing for two more HDDs so that you can have a total of three.

Additionally, it is built to provide several USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 inputs, and 3.5mm audio and mic jacks. Whatever features you are seeking, it is built to deliver. From style to functionality, this case demands performance & reliability to a different degree.

Our Reviews:

  • The Phanteks Enthoo Pro offers a full tower chassis that is designed to be water-cooled from the ground up. The case has a removable motherboard tray, giving users easy access to the back of their motherboard and CPU. There are 5 Phanteks 140mm fans included with the case, which gives users plenty of cooling options right out of the box.
  • The case has a built-in PWM hub, which allows users to control all of their fans with just one PWM signal. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring that users will be able to use their case for years to come.
  • The Phanteks Enthoo Pro is a full tower case that offers a ton of features and plenty of room for expansion. It comes with three 140mm fans but has space for up to eight fans.

Product Reviews:

  • “I purchased this full tower case recently, and yes, it’s a fantastic product.
    Just finished assembling my new PC last night, which includes an ASUS Prime X-370 motherboard, Corsair 750W PSU, and an ASUS 1060 GTX graphics card. It has plenty of space for expansion. It is designed well for water-cooling and has the option of having quite a few extra chassis fans. It’s a sturdy piece of kit, and on the left-hand side of the tower are two-split glass/Perspex panels so that you can see all the workings!! The hard drive bays are tucked away from the main motherboard/hardware area, and everything is so tidy. The case comes with quite a few accessories (screws, cable ties, etc.) and a decent guidebook. Would highly recommend this product, as it’s really good quality and great value for money. Amazon (or the seller) delivered product before I expected it, so well done to them!” – Alan Grant
  • “Good solid case. Nice windows. Already has fans installed. although none of them are RGB or colored. Good standard 5.25 bays and 3.5 bays. I like the fact that the 3.5 bays load from the rear and have a good toolless mount. Takes a little bit of practice to mound the hard drives, but the system makes sense once done a few times. The side panels are somewhat weighted (had said too heavy but this was the other Phanteks case I bought) and it takes some practice to learn how to mount. I eventually caught on though. Would like to have some more clarification as to the one extra SATA power connector and how it allows additional RGB and lighting to be installed. Otherwise, I do like the case and will consider ordering another one for a future additional Ryzen Build I have planned for later on this year, 2022.” – Amazon Customer
  • “Cable management is a dream with this case. Cooling options are solid whether you’re going air or liquid. I’m able to mount a Swiftech H240-X AIO liquid cooler on top + space for a 140mm fan. If I wanted to I could mount that same cooler in the front with no clearance issues. This case was designed for modders.” – Ivan


5. Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5

Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5
  • Easily mount and rearrange SSDs
  • Rib fans 3 120 millimeter RGB
  • Pre-installed behind the front panel
  • 1 to 3 splitter cables for RGB LED fans
  • RGB connector splitter and 4-pin Male
  • Radiator for liquid cooling



Cooler Master’s MasterBox Pro 5 Offers Cool Features

You will not be let down by the entire style, build, or features of the MasterBox Pro 5 from Cooler Master. It will exceed your expectations in every aspect.

The RGB buff front offers three 120mm fans, so you can enjoy excellent heat dispersal while remaining stylish. The LED fans come in a wide array of colors and functions, so you are sure to enjoy them.

But looking good is not what sets this case apart. Instead, it’s its connectivity, the installation space, and the storage. They can be arranged all around the motherboard tray or on the SSD mount at the back, with enough room for three SSDs.

Furthermore, you will get a 120mm fan and a 360mm radiator, so liquid cooling is available without any difficulties. This pairs well with the 4mm thick tempered glass side panel that lets you remove the panel for extra ventilation.
In essence, this is a great case for people seeking extra convenience and capacity. And the best part is that the considerable design fits any ATX motherboard without problems, from the biggest E-ATX to the tiniest MiniATX.

Our Reviews:

  • The MasterBox Pro 5 is a great case for users looking for a lot of space and customization options. The case has a large interior that can accommodate graphics cards up to 410mm in length and CPU coolers up to 190mm in height. There are also a number of dust filters and fan mounts that allow users to customize the airflow in their case.
  • The Pro 5 also comes with a built-in handle, making it easy to transport your system. Plus, the case has a sleek design that will look great in any build.
  • The case is easy to use, with plenty of room to work inside. It has a sleek design, making it look good in any setting. It has a variety of ports and slots, making it easy to connect devices.

Product Reviews:

  • “Case looks good, and while I did replace the fans, the temps are solid on the inside even on air cooling. Using with i5 4590 and MSI GTX 970. Was easy enough to build it, the PSU hatch threw me off a bit but it was pretty neat once I figured it out. The window is kind of cheap, but as long as there aren’t pets or kids or your feet touching it, you should be fine.” – Nicholas Thomas
  • “This case looks so cool. I used it recently to build my wife a pc for casual gaming and programming. It turned out amazing! Even though there were a few things I didn’t like I was not disappointed. Tight fit for cables compared to the Cooler Master MasterBox 5 Mid-tower I have another build it’s a bit tighter but I managed. The noise is almost unnoticeable but that’s also attributed to the quiet GPU and tough power grand PSU I have in the pc, but all together is so quiet. And the tinted front and tempered glass give it a look, unlike almost any other case.” – Big T
  • “It is a really nice case. Great cable management and easy to work with. Everything seems to be pretty high quality. I didn’t use it as a case for gaming but it is used as a server that does some fairly lightweight stuff, so I don’t know if the airflow is great, but looking at it this may be its only weakness.” – J Miller


6. NZXT H 200 Mini-ITX

NZXT H 200 Mini-ITX
  • All steel construction with the sleek h series design
  • Available in four color combinations
  • Full tempered glass panel
  • All new cable management system
  • Two are F120 millimeter fans for optimal airflow



The NZXT H 200 Mini-ITX Comes in Four Different Colors

One more NZXT product. This time we have the H200 Mini IDX chassis. It is easily among the best glass PC cases you’ll find out there, both in terms of appearance and features. The small and secure mini layout fits almost any Mini ATX motherboard without any changes.

You will find an all-steel construction in four different color choices. This will make it straightforward to enjoy the best-looking case on the market with an ultra-clear glass panel. It will ensure not only good looks but also long-lasting durability.

Two 120mm fans ensure proper cooling, but the vast interior makes the chassis stand out the most. You can get two expansion slots, ideal for SSDs and hard drives, making your PC’s storage capacity larger.

This comes along with Velcro straps, so you can attach all cables and prevent organization issues. It will make your system a lot more attractive to look at. For a small case from NZXT, this model’s looks, practicality, and durability are outstanding. Finally, you find an adequate I/O system on top, with a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 input signal, and microphone and audio jacks.

Our Reviews:

  • The H200 mini-ITX case is designed to maximize airflow and cooling in a compact, stylish package. It includes a 200mm front fan and a 120mm rear fan for optimum cooling, as well as support for up to 280mm radiators.
  • The full-sized PSU shroud and cable management system make it easy to keep your build looking clean and organized. The H200 also comes with a built-in handle for easy transport and is available in both black and white finishes.
  • The H200 mini-ITX case is a small and sleek option for computer builders who want a high-quality case that will fit all of their components. The case has plenty of space for a full-sized graphics card, a CPU cooler, and up to three storage drives. It also includes a built-in power supply and two pre-installed fans to keep your system running cool.

Product Reviews:

  • “Yes it’s expensive, yes the airflow is not THE BEST, but it’s not as horrible as the online reviewers make it sound, it can accommodate a 360mm rad on top so temps really isn’t an issue, I’m running a 4.8 oc on my FX processor and have no temp issues, the cabinet is a dream to work on and has all the required cable management accessories that are required ….” – Thompson Richards
  • “Conservative? Go figure… Nice sexy NZXT 710i. I had to remove the middle motherboard standoff and insert the included threaded motherboard standoff. I then had to rethread that standoff with my tap and die set, yeah. The case paint is a bit delicate, be careful. Inspect the plastic surround on the back of the glass carefully for manufacturing chips. Other than that the NZXT 710i is pretty nice. Six 120mm fans on the front 360 AIO CPU radiator act as a case air intake. Three top 120mm fans act as case air intake also. Two 120mm fans on the EVGA Hybrid AIO GPU radiator act as exhaust; one Noctua Industrial 3000 RPM on the back of the GPU radiator and the stock EVGA fan on the front of the radiator. Nine 120mm intakes aid exhaust, get it? All air/heat exits the rear of the NZXT 710i case. This big air pump keeps my hardware cool according to CPUID HWMonitor. Realistic build and my FIRST build on my own. The case stays dustless with hidden fabricated filters in front of intake fans. I had a pre-built nonfiltered desktop that was just too dusty. Protect your investment. I’m using “AF ALL- FILTERS, INC. THE AMERICAN FILTER COMPANY Cut-to-Fit Carbon Pad for Air Purifiers” here on Amazon as well as foam to filter the incoming air, custom cut. By the way, my filtering idea deadens the sound of the fans. Do well people.” – Thy_Metallord
  • “I had the h510 before this case and it was great but needed to upgrade for bigger parts. Has lots of room for the newer GPUs and a beefy cooler and/or AIO. You have room to mount more than enough fans for airflow. Speaking of airflow, it just works. NZXT is known to not have top-of-the-line airflow but it’s not the worst. The case has air holes along the top and going down the front where your fans will pretty much try to suck air in through brute force. Since the air can’t get in or out of the case directly through the front or top, your fans will pull the air through these holes… and it works. I have a 6800xt and a Ryzen 7 5800x (both stock) and have no problems with cooling. The top and front panels completely come off and have a removable filter inside you can clean if need be. The front panel comes off easy with a thumbscrew and the back panel has a nice clicky button that pops it off. They give you a couple of straps and routing pathways to put your cords for cable management if that’s important to you, I was never good at organizing the monstrosity of cords I have but who’s looking at the back of my pc anyway? PSU area has enough room for a lot of cords but gets pretty tight when you have a decent amount of cords (which you may not) so it’s subjective. So yeah, it’s a sleek modern looking big heavy hunk of a pc case that holds what you’ll need, look good doing it and hopefully be able to cool it how you need. Works for me” – Hunter Joline


7. Cooler MasterBox Q500L

Cooler MasterBox Q500L
  • Minimized dimensions for ATX
  • Fully perforated chassis
  • Movable I/O panel 
  • Vertical and horizontal position
  • Vertical PSU placement



The Cooler Masterbox Q500L’s Relatively Thick and Broad Design That Makes It One of the Quickest Choices on the List

It has a relatively thick and broad design that looks quite impressive enough to impress anyone. It looks modern and trendy with a perforated layout. This makes it one of the quickest choices on the list.

However, the excellent part might be not just how the chassis aesthetically appears or even how it can fit inside the chassis, but the fact that you will find it very flexible in fitting it into your desk in various ways.

With the perpendicular PSU positioning, it’s an ideal solution to let enough room inside for the rest of the components to fit. And sure, it works perfectly together with most ATX motherboards, as well as Mini and Micro ATX boards, if needed.

In addition to having two drive bays, you may be able to install inch HDDs if needed or two SSDs as well. That’s enough space for large amounts of storage on the PC.

Don’t forget, you also get a 120mm fan in the back area, with an opportunity to add a top-end fan and a bottom one. You may also utilize radiators up to 120mm when necessary so that you can utilize electric cooling systems.

Last, of all, you will find a movable I/O panel, which includes two USB 3.0 interfaces along with a sound jack. This can be put in three places, which means that it is a precious added benefit.

Our Reviews:

  • The Cooler MasterBox Q500L is a great value for the price. It features a mesh front panel and a transparent side window to show off your build. The case also includes a built-in handle for easy transport and comes with a pre-installed 120mm fan in the rear.
  • The Q500L can accommodate graphics cards up to 370mm in length, and CPU coolers up to 160mm in height. It also has room for up to six 3.5″ hard drives or SSDs and two 2.5″ SSDs. The case is also compatible with motherboards up to the ATX form factor.
  • The Cooler MasterBox Q500L is a budget-friendly case that offers plenty of features for its price. It has a stylish, minimalist design that will look great in any home or office. It has a large, tinted glass side panel that provides a clear view of your hardware. The case includes a dust filter on the top and bottom to keep your system clean.

Product Reviews:

  • “Absolutely love how this case and build came together. Plenty of room for a simple build, and I love the option of moving the power/USB’s around rather than them always having to stay in the same place. SSD installs are clean, love that the case doesn’t have a big stack of metal in the front for HDD, but keeps the HDD hidden behind the back panel which still leaves plenty of room for an extra cord. The power supply gets installed securely with a bracket in the case and is installed a little further into the case to allow for a nice handle on the bottom backside of the case. Overall this case is WELL WORTH the small amount they are asking for. I have built cases that cost 3x as much that don’t make as much sense as this case did. Beautifully built.” – Ammanda Nielsen
  • “I was looking for something smaller and affordable to transplant my microATX system into from an old Antec 900 that provided decent airflow for my 4790k and RX 580 and I settled on the Q300L TUF edition. There is decent room in the back for cable management but I suggest going with a modular power supply to save the space that’s there. I have an older Corsair CX750 that isn’t modular and I am having a tough time closing the back cover completely I don’t have any room in the back for my RGB controller and all of the wiring. This is definitely a great case for the money, though. The modular structure and customization options are hard to beat with other manufacturers.” – J Swanger
  • “I build budget PCs for resale, and as such, I’ve built in a LOT of what you’d call “value” cases. With any of them, you’re going to have to accept some compromises. This one though delivers far more than most in its price range. There’s no more space than you absolutely need. It makes a nice small package for a decent budget build. If you’re looking for a case in which to build a custom water-cooling loop, this ain’t your box. The materials are really first-rate, and they appear to have made their compromises in the area of simplicity. There’s no PSU basement, which you might find on a case at this price, but it would probably be made of tinfoil. You have a good 2.5in drive mounting locations. The 3.5-in drive mount is a little awkward, but functional. The flat rear panel makes it a little hard to get to the top left motherboard mounting screw location and the CPU 12v header if you have a tower cooler installed, but not impossible. Around Christmas, I was selling every PC I built in this case within days, or sometimes even faster.” – Drew


8. Fractal Focus G ATX Case

Fractal Focus G ATX Case
  • Contemporary ATX case design
  • Accommodates high-performance 
  • Utilization for a compact footprint
  • Showcase your hardware
  • 2x preinstalled Fractal Design
  • Flexible storage options



Fractal Focus G ATX Case: One of the Most Fascinating Cases in the Entire Sector

Especially with the Fractal G ATX Case, one of the most fascinating in the entire sector, affordable cases are always worth considering.

You’re going to see that this case is worth having from the moment you set your eyes on it. The front features two fans and small cracks that give it a rugged look. In addition, you receive two Fractal Design Silent Series LL buffs that move in the front. This guarantees a handsome and well-ventilated product in the end.

With the addition of four fans, with one more in the back, another in front, and two on the most efficient, you will be able to get tons of airflow on your PC, and no component will overheat even when operating at full speed.

It pairs well with the pub panel, well-suited for viewing what’s inside. You can have direct access to the CPU and GPU, with the possibility of installing high-profile components due to the thick and broad design.

Finally, you receive two drive bays that accommodate both HDDs and SSDs. They are vibration-damped, so you won’t have to worry about any damage during the operation of your PC.

This case will surpass your expectations for both practicality and also style. And it works well with people who want increased ventilation — that’s a great benefit.

Our Reviews:

  • The Fractal Focus G ATX Case is a great choice for system builders and PC enthusiasts. It has plenty of room to work inside, with tool-free installation and drive bays that make it easy to configure your system. It has excellent cooling capabilities, with two 120mm fans and a mesh front panel that allows airflow to keep your system running smoothly. It’s also got a stylish design that will look great in any home or office, and it’s been certified by the RoHS and CE safety standards.
  • If you’re looking for a high-quality ATX case that offers plenty of features and flexibility, the Fractal Focus G ATX Case is a great option.
  • The case has a large side window that lets you show off your hardware, and the fan mounting options allow you to keep your system cool. It’s easy to assemble and comes with all the screws and standoffs you need.

Product Reviews:

  • “Excellent budget case which comes with a pair of white LED fans preinstalled behind the front mesh panel. The case has dust filters built-in and an additional 2.5-inch SSD mounts behind the mobo plate. This is the 2nd PC build I have used this case with. The fans (3pin) are really quiet and on a lower TDP build (65W) need no further case fans. There is a nice amount of space in the case and cable management is easy. The HDD bays can be unscrewed and removed from the base of the case however the optical drive bays are riveted in place, the only lack of foresight in the design. Overall a great choice for a budget build.” – Muzz Ballard
  • “I’m so happy I went with this case. I had my eye on the fractal design mesh case, but it was near twice the price. I don’t regret opting for this one at all. It’s got some clearance between its base and the floor with its little legs, it’s got great airflow, and the clear side panel looks so nice. Handling it didn’t leave streaky fingerprints either which I appreciated while setting it up. I’m not amazing at cord management but I’m really happy with how this looks with some white LEDs in it. I plan on getting some more for the top of the case as well. It was also very easy to put my pc together in here and I didn’t have any issues even though I’m super inexperienced.” – Aryana Wills
  • “This case is greatly made of aluminum so it’s lightweight and looks great plus it is easily taken apart to make changes to the case, but it is a little flimsy and the holes for the thumbscrews are not drilled accurately so removing them takes more than your thumbs you need a screwdriver. It comes with a small rubber tool to fasten the standoffs but it is a little pliable so you have to be careful using a screwdriver with it, also the tool is small so you have to be careful not to drop it because it is easily lost. When you unbox this case be on the lookout for the screws that come with this case, that is where the tool for the standoffs is located and if you lose the tool you will have one hell of a time installing the motherboard to the case. I found it easy to remove the fans and I am planning to add my own fans to the case, fans with RGB lighting just like my processor, memory modules, and video card. All in all, it was a good buy I love it worth Buying it is a bit of a challenge but I love challenges when it comes to Tech. Nothing worth doing is done easily so bring it on” – Roland O.


9. Phanteks Eclipse Steel ATX Case

Phanteks Eclipse Steel ATX Case
  • Full Metal exterior design
  • Clean interior-PSU cover & HDDs
  • Tempered glass panel
  • Equipped with Magnetic Dust filter
  • Full Size PSU support



The Phanteks Eclipse Steel Atx Case Is the Choice for the Best Budget Case

Our choice for the best budget case is the Phanteks Eclipse. This chassis offers top-quality performance, flexibility, and comfort, all at a budget price tag. It begins with a place for two 280mm fans and two 380mm radiators so that you won’t miss any ventilation.

The two 3.5-inch HDD slots and the 2.5-inch SSD slots provide plenty of storage. And also, you receive a convenient I/O panel on top, including audio and USB jacks. However, the most outstanding feature may be the case’s outstanding design.

Fits virtually any motherboard from ATX up to micro ATX and several E-ATX models as well. The best feature is not its size, simplicity, or value, but its fantastic price. You can get this trampoline under many low-quality models. A true bargain.

Our Reviews:

  • The Eclipse P400S Mid Tower Case by Phanteks comes with a steel exterior and a tempered glass side panel. It has excellent cable management with a 2x Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU cooler, 3x 140mm fans, and a fan controller. This case is designed to optimize airflow and it comes with a removable dust filter.
  • The P400S also has a PSU cover and an HDD cage that can be removed to install long graphics cards. Other features include an aluminum front panel, a top I/O port, and an RGB LED light strip.
  • The case also includes 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, and HD Audio I/O ports on the front panel. It has a full metal front and top panel which gives the case a luxurious look.

Product Reviews:

  • “Extremely happy with this case. Its simple and clean design makes it attractive to me. It’s relatively compact, being just able to fit a standard ATX motherboard. The tempered glass is a great feature, especially at this price point. Cable management is nice and easy. I added some led strips to bring the case to life and I have to say I’m very pleased. Excellent choice for the casual PC builder and for anyone on a budget if you try to catch this when it’s $60. The only cons I can think of is it only comes with one fan in the rear, and has limited water-cooling support if you’re into that.” – TbR128
  • “The Phanteks P300A is a fantastic case. I built a $600 PC for a friend, and I got this case. Everything was easy to install. The airflow is really good. The case comes with a removable PSU dust filter – I know it works well because it’s the same one that’s in my P500A, that I’ve had for my PC for over a year and have cleaned twice. It also comes with a super handy cable management “crater,” which provides quite a lot of free space to manage, along with some Velcro straps. The Hard drive cages were easily removable as well. Phanteks makes really excellent cases for almost any kind of build.” – Milo
  • “I was really surprised by the quality of the case for its price! And, it fit my build just right! What really surprised me was the fact that’s Metal and has Tempered Glass as its viewing side, not some plastic, which is awesome! I got the mesh version, and it works great for me! As for noise complaints, I haven’t had an issue! Mine is quiet, almost too quiet! It worried me at first that it wasn’t running but it actually is! I didn’t have any missing parts, everything was in good condition, the manual gave good information, and I would certainly recommend this to another! (Just a heads up though, you’ll want a 150mm PSU, it only has 200mm space down there!!)” – Kian


10. Thermaltake Versa H18 Case

Thermaltake Versa H18 Case
  • Mesh Front Panel
  • Built-in Blue LED Strip
  • Compact Micro ATX Form
  • Full-Length PSU Cover
  • Ideal for AIO Solutions
  • 2 Hidden 2.5 inches



Thermaltake Versa H18 Case: The Lifetime Survivor

It is important to mention that the Thermaltake Versa H18 is not only small but incredibly attractive and good-looking. The first thing you’ll notice about this case is that it features a net-front desk. In addition, you also obtain a modern-looking look by adding a built-in strip of blue LED across the side, and the tempered glass design serves to enhance the overall effect further. The window is 4mm thick and will survive a lifetime without being broken easily.

As for the inside, you will get excellent organization along with space. The keyboard tray is spaced out, plus you’ll get plenty of storage space for your computers. It works with Micro ATX motherboards, plus it fits a few different forms up to 280mm tall.

However, this is thanks to the cable management system. The hidden PSU cover will prevent cables from getting around. For the I/O port, you will get a USB 3.0 input, two USB 2.0 ports, and a single HD sound jack set for additional convenience.

The case’s precise construction, 120mm fan on the back, and high feet on the floor take care of everything. If you need something for the Micro ATX system, this case is the ticket.

Our Reviews:

  • The Versa H18 is a Mid-tower computer case that offers a sleek and modern design. It has a transparent window on the side panel that allows you to show off your internal components. The case comes with a pre-installed 120mm fan in the rear and supports up to 360mm radiators. It has a tool-free drive installation system and a dust filter on the top and bottom that helps keep your components clean.
  • The Versa H18 is also cable management friendly, making it easy to keep your cables organized and out of the way. The side window panel allows you to show off your build.
  • The Versa H18 comes with one preinstalled 120mm rear exhaust fan to optimize airflow. It has a built-in power supply cover that helps you manage cables and keep your system looking clean.

Product Reviews:

  • “This chassis comes equipped to install multiple components, the bad thing, and it is only bad if you need it, is that only one graphics card fits, if you try to put 2 it will be impossible, otherwise it feels very sturdy and its tempered glass window gives you some style, I personally hate the rat children’s RGB fashion, I don’t understand why to want your CPU to look like a fair attraction, but if you are one, you want to be one or you just love to see lights flashing to the rhythm of feeling your CPU that window is excellent, although I consider that this one more to say it does not have a tray for a disk drive, or memories or some other old add-on, easily you can install 5 fans or a front radiator if you fancy and 2 fans, summarizing it seems to be good for its robustness and multiple spaces for hardware but with some design problems…” – Le pig
  • “I think my favorite parts may be the slide open door and the hidden cables in the bottom compartment. While I couldn’t hide all cables, naturally, I was able to hide the very unsightly ones and I feel like I have an actual “fancy gaming PC”. I love the ease of access to all parts of the case. The front pops out relatively easily, and you can just push it back in if you need to, the door can come off if needed, but the door function is a nice touch, the entirety of that side being tempered glass is gorgeous, and I LOVE the RGB settings on the case. It’s so much fun playing around with all the different colors and settings. There is a ton of airflow in and out of the case, and I love the slightly magnetic dust covers. The simplicity of the design, sturdiness of the product, ease of access to everything, and being able to make use of all the space is just so satisfying and amazing. 110% would recommend.” – Gilitar
  • “I’ve been building computers for over 15 years and this has got to be one of the nicest computer cases that I’ve used. It is sturdy and cable management is amazing. Once everything is installed there are no more messy wires to deal with. It is wide enough to fit the Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU cooler. You can really be creative with this case. Fits 2.5″ SSD and 3.5″ hard drives as well. What I like best about this case is the airflow. You can attach a total of 5 120mm fans. 3 in the front, 1 in the back, and 1 on the top. Although it only included 1 120mm fan in the back. I relocated it on the top and then purchase a 3-set 120mm RGB fan set with 2 LED strips. Now the case is lit with nice colors and I can see it through the glass cover. I would not hesitate to purchase this case again. Paid $49.99 for it and is worth every penny.” – RecklessK


Factors That Create a Perfect PC Case


Generally, today, most cases come with exceptional designs that match all types of room decor, in addition to RGB LEDs for extra beauty. You can choose a device that makes your computer more enjoyable, which wouldn’t be a wrong choice at all.

This will enable you to fully enjoy your brand new PC chassis whenever you look at it.

Ports & Slots

You need to consider the connectivity that the case will provide outside. There’s no sense in finding a case that doesn’t have the ports you need.

Among them, you will have to consider the irreplaceable HD sound with MIC and SPEAKER jacks. Then, you’ll have a USB, mainly when it is a 3.0 connection.

The hammock should have slots for your hard drives and solid-state drives as well as 5.25-inch devices like Blu-ray or DVD players. The more bays you’ve got, the better. Make sure the hammock has enough to match your needs.

Fans & Radiators

Almost all cases arrive with fans already installed; however, they may not be the same size or exact location. So we consistently recommend cases with three 120mm front-facing fans because they offer superb ventilation without sacrificing performance.

You can consider both the rear and the very best fans. They are both very useful in ensuring proper airflow.

But fans alone may not be sufficient. That’s why you will always need to think about radiator slots. We recommend at least 2 radiator slots (one for the CPU cooler and another for the GPU).


Lastly, you should make sure your case fits your motherboard size. You should know if it is an E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, or Mini ATX.

The E-ATX is your largest on the market, and then there is the standard ATX and perhaps the tiny Micro ATX and the smallest Mini ATX. Big cases often accommodate them all, while small claims may not have enough space for ATX models. Choose wisely.

Space for Components

If the case is small, you will have less space. This is because more minor issues have fewer fans and drive slots.

Therefore, we recommend looking for a case that has a minimum of 280mm of clearance for CPU coolers and GPUs. Anything less might prevent your components from getting inside your case in a timely manner.

FAQs For Best Pc Cases 

  • Is there a way to know that I can fit my components into the case? 

Researching and planning is the first thing you need to do. Besides the form factors information, you will also need to consult the online or offline manual to confirm further specifications. For verification, you can use the ruler to measure how the parts will fit into the case.

A few other measurements you ought to consider alongside the motherboard dimensions encompass: GPU span, the size of the fans, water or air CPU coolers, etc.

  • How important is it to have a computer case?

A PC case is as vital as any other PC component. Here are some reasons why you should find a PC case:

Presentation: Is it okay to look at a nice case or basic components without any arrangement? Unless you would like your build stuffed in a drawer or something, the PC will probably sit on your desk, and you will decide its placement.

You do not need to worry about the dust, water, pet hair, etc., separating from your parts.

Heating: As a result of its sealed design, the enclosure can protect the internal components from stealing or damage. Without a case, these components are prone to theft or damage.

Cable management: It’s best to hide and retain each wire in an organized method. The easiest way to do that is to store them in a box or a small space.

That is to say, all USB devices, music players, DVD players, and others are readily available, so you should certainly take a look at the various types available.

  • Can I redesign my PC case?

If you take proper care of the old case, it can last for many years. Your main consideration here is that it can house your new components comfortably. ATX and full tower cases are usually more effective, while small form factors are harder to upgrade.

  • Do more prominent PC cases with increased space have a much better airflow compared to smaller ones?

The bigger the case, the longer the fans are, so there is better airflow. For that reason, bigger cases usually have more airflow compared to small ones. However, that isn’t always the case.

Installation of the case has a greater effect on airflow than the size it. You have to observe the number of fans installed in the case, case design, cable management, component placement, etc. With improper installation, a big case can still generate a lot of heat.

The ability would determine a case’s worth of air conditioning that a component has to distribute hot air.

  • How many fans do I need in my case?

As mentioned above, cooling is critical, particularly in gaming and picture-intensive tasks. Therefore, try to get a case that allows you to install at least 3 cooling devices on your PC. And this does not count on the power supply, CPU, and GPU fans.