10 Best Pc Cases Under $50 | Top Picks Of 2021

Assembling a desktop is never a simple job because there are lots of things that an individual must keep in mind, which range from what kind of matches to play, the more elements place together, where you should look, and maybe most importantly, the financial plan that restraints you from going all out.

If you anticipate creating a PC, the case is just one of the most important facts to consider as it will not only encompass the rest of the components but will also ensure that your build is safe and secure. A lot of individuals go all out for fancy cases because not, but a few users want to keep it to a minimum and only buy what’s wanted.

Buying a fantastic case may be a difficult task because you do not necessarily want to buy the cheapest walker you will find as a month or two in the future, it is going to break down and gather dust and you will have to start out your hunt all over again.

So you have to locate a case that not only is beneath your allowance, but may additionally continue long, stay sturdy, will be great to look at it, and above all, will protect your top quality parts.

10 Best Pc Cases Under $50 | Top Picks

Best Pc Cases Under $50Check Price
1. Rosewill ATX Case Check Price
2. Rosewill TYRFING ATX Mid Gaming Check Price
3. Thermaltake Core V-1 SPCC Mini-itx Check Price
4. AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower Check Price
5. Antec VSK3000 E Lite Check Price
6. DEEPCOOL MATREXX 30 Check Price
7. Zalman ATX Mid Z1 Neo Check Price

1. Rosewill ATX Case

Best PC Cases Under 50
  • Blue LED fans in the front
  • Top-mounted I/O Ports
  • 19.69 Inch x 7.64 Inch x 17.72 
  • Compatibility ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Including two 120 mm Blue LED Fans


A lot of people often overlook the durability of cheap cases, thinking that it’s not possible to acquire a long-lasting product for such a small cost. Nevertheless, they are wrong — and the Rosewill ATX Case is an illustration of that.

You are certain to get yourself a case made of steel and plastic, super sturdy and reliable to last a long time without any problems.

Yet, you are not looking for durability, but a good design and a practical set of features. Also, it doesn’t neglect either that way.

The case includes 2 120mm blue LED front fans as well as a 120mm rear fan. They provide proper airflow in this case, and that means you will not need to acquire extra fans separately.

Along with the fans, in addition, you get an internal drive bay that holds 3.5-inches HDDs without problems. However, you’ll even receive a 5.25-inches slot for both DVD and blu ray players if needed.

The entire case fits most motherboards moving from micro to mini ATX without problems. Plus it has a handy I/O panel in the front, with 2 USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 vents, in addition to the audio jacks.

2. Rosewill TYRFING ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Case

Best PC Cases Under 50
  • Spacious interior mid tower case 
  • An expansive internal layout
  • Supports large size motherboards
  • Supports VGA card up to 400mm long


Rosewill doesn´t leave anything to your imagination. It gives the top PC cases under 50, a number of these highest-quality options that won’t break your bank.

This is your Line-M Micro-ATX, a brilliant small however convenient alternative that provides everything you could want for a nice cost.

The first thing you will see will be three distinct drive bays for 3.5-inches HDDs. This pairs up with 5 expansion slots so you may add as many drives as you desire.

The machine also features a 120mm front LED fan and a 120mm rear fan. This ensures proper warming all around the case, so you won’t need to worry about overheating.

At the front, you’ll come across a typical design with a mesh cover on the floor. Here you may find the blue LED fan working. However, it’s the I/O panel using two USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 ports, together side audio in/out that produces it really fantastic.

What’s screw-less for fast installation, and the look is small enough to fit almost anywhere. If you’d like a high-quality and extra suitable case, that one won’t fail you.

3. Thermaltake Core V-1 SPCC Mini-itx

Best PC Cases Under 50
  • Supports Mini ITX Motherboard
  • 2x USB 3.0, 1x Headphone
  • 1x Mic Front Ports
  • Interchangeable Side Panels
  • Adjustable I/O Panel Location


Your hunt for a case that can encourage high-speed gaming endings. The Thermaltake core V1 is well known because of its particular. And the case has both headphones and mic sound jacks along with two USB interfaces. It could accommodate two 2.5-inch pushes and 2 3.5 -inch drives. You may even fit cards with all the double expansion slots.

A case like this that is made out of steel weighs a lot more than your typical aluminum cases. Although the composition makes the product heavier, in addition, it assists in canceling outside noise. This feature is great, not only for gamers but even for offices and personal use.

The manufacturers claim that this fan is sufficient to help keep the machine cool, but there is space at the back in case you’d like to put in the other one. There is sufficient room to install two 80mm fans. To help with the ventilation, there are ports on either side too.

Each one of the surfaces of the case is synonymous as the structure of the product is cubic. This will let you customize the case in accordance with your preference, and in addition, it makes the installation process easier and hassle-free. In addition, you get a translucent window to take a glimpse inside.

4. AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower

Best PC Cases Under 50
  • Full Acrylic Side Window
  • Backslash LED with 13 lighting modes
  • 6 RGB flow lighting modes
  • Supports SD or micro SD memory card
  • Dual chamber design ventilation.


For the most useful gaming PC cases under 50, you will find the AeroCool Cylon. This is actually a superb RGB Mid-Tower case with everything you’ll need from an inexpensive chassis.

Because you can figure out, at first sight, it’s not built to let down anyone. It boasts one of their very stylish designs with LED RGB facing front. This is a diagonal line in the whole chassis with 13 turbo manners that you will cherish.

It is big enough to match most motherboards also, including ATX and micro ATX or even miniature ATX. Yet, it’s the capability to assist liquid cooling radiators of around 240mm that produces it amazing. This pairs up nicely with the 120mm very best fan, and also the 120mm rear fan.

It’s still possible to install 371mm GPUs without a problem, in addition to tall CPU coolers if needed.

Finally, it includes a solid steel structure and a super-stylish Acrylic side window that will let you have direct sight of this PC.

Add the I/O ports on top with USB, sound, and SD cards, and you also will not have a thing to complain about.

5. Antec Value Solution Series VSK3000 E Lite

Best PC Cases Under 50
  • 24 inch Full HD TN panel display
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms response rate
  • Radeon free Sync technology


Antec is one of the very well-known brands in the marketplace. They give attention to cheap products like value solution series case, so you can be certain that it is fantastic, to say the very least.

This isn’t a small case, though, therefore it fits mini and micro ATX, as well as a normal ATX if needed. This helps make it versatile enough for some users, also fantastic for that price.

It’s a large model that you can fit up to 7 PCI devices without problems. Yet, you can add 335mm long GPUs also.

The case even comes with two 3.5-inches drive bays, along with 2 2.5-inches slots, along with one 5.25-inches port. This will be sufficient for 2 HDDs, two SSDs, and a Blu-Ray player.

All of this comes without mentioning just how cool it looks, including the net front and covered design for its power source.

Add the ability to work with up to four fans of both 120mm plus a 120mm radiator, and you’re going to have one of the handiest options out there.

It also will come with a front I/O panel that features two USB 3.0 interfaces and a complete HD audio group of jacks.


Best PC Cases Under 50
  • Small but compact design
  • 0.5mm SGCC steel body ensures
  • Accommodates a 13.2” graphics card.
  • Advanced cooling with a 120mm rear fan
  • 120mm max liquid cooling at the rear


We couldn’t leave one of the coolest PC cases under-50 — the DeepCool MATREXX 30. This is a mid-tower Case that takes appearance & style to a completely different level.

Despite seeming amazing, it is still a super large model that is employed using E-ATX motherboards without a problem. You won’t have any issue fitting any type of M B inside, however, no problem installing tremendous GPUs or even CPU coolers either.

You can add all sorts of fans also, going up to 120mm radiators. This will be sufficient to make the most effective heating system.

Remember it will hide your power supply and the drive bays, two to get enough storage space in the body.

The cable direction interior has no competition, and with the I/O top-panel boasting USB ports, HD sound jacks, along with buttons for power and RGB — this case does not have any match for the cost.

7. Zalman ATX Mid Tower PC Case Z1 Neo

Best PC Cases Under 50
  • Standard ATX / ATX 12V
  • Full size 270~400mm
  • 1 x Microphone, 1 x Headphones
  • Expansion Slots 7


Our last model is the Zalman ATX Mid Tower PC Case Z1 Neo case that accompanies the transparent acryl side to show the internal system. You are certain to get an adequate cooling performance with low noise with this case.

You are certain to get yourself space for 7 PCI devices, up to six slots for fans and radiators of 240mm, and a drive bay for both HDDs and SSDs.

The design is fine with two pre-installed blue led fans on the front and one on the backside. Another 3 extra fans may also be installed for an efficient cooling system.

It’s possible to install up to 8 HDD and a dual radiator water cooler in this case.

And to make it better still, you have the practical I/O panel in the front, exactly like the acrylic version. It includes one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 inputs, and also the complete HD audio jacks, plus a power button and a reset button. In general, it leaves nothing to be desirable, it is trendy enough with a lot of convenient features.

Factors That Create a Perfect PC Case


A good-looking case is definitely worthwhile considering. Nowadays, most cases arrive with exceptional designs that match all kinds of room decorations, in addition to RGB LEDs for extra beauty. You can always choose a device that makes your computer more interesting, and that wouldn’t be a wrong choice.

The entire purpose is to become something that you could appreciate when taking a look at it. That will make it easy for you to delight in your brand new PC chassis.

Ports & Slots

There’s no sense in finding a case that does not arrive with the ports you’ll want. This is where you need to consider all the links that the case provides outside.

Among them, you will have to consider the irreplaceable HD sound with MIC and SPEAKER jacks. Then, you’ll have a USB, particularly when it is really a 3.0 connection.

Apart from that, you’ll need a hammock with slots for the HDDs, SSDs, along with 5.25-inches devices like blu-ray or DVD players. The further bays you’ve got for these things, the more the better. Always ensure that it offers enough to match your requirements.

Fans & Radiators

Just about all cases arrive with their very own pre-installed fans. But perhaps not all come with an identical number or at precisely the exact same location. That’s why we consistently recommend those cases using three 120mm fans in the front, they give superb ventilation without hindering performance.

Different fans to consider are the rear and the very best ones. They are both pretty helpful to ensure proper airflow.

But fans alone may be insufficient. That’s the reason you need to always consider radiator slots. We recommend at least 2 radiator slots (one for the CPU cooler, and something for GPU).


Finally, you’ll need to make sure that the case is compatible with your motherboard size. Here, you should have to understand if you have an E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, or Mini ATX.

Even the E-ATX is your largest on the market, and then you will discover the normal ATX, and also perhaps the little Micro ATX and the tiniest Mini ATX. Huge cases often fit them all, but smallish ones may not provide enough space for ATX models. Choose so.

Space for Components

You will not only look for fans and drives slots, but you should also think of the space available. Here, the smaller the case is, the less space you are going to have.

That’s the reason why we always advise going for a case using at least 280mm of clearance for CPU coolers and GPUs. Anything less than that can ultimately prevent your components from getting indoors quickly.

FAQs For Best Pc Cases 

1. How do I know I will fit most of my components into my case?

The first thing that you have to do is research and plan ahead. Aside from the form factors information, you should consult the online or offline manual to check further specifications. For verification, you can use the ruler to measure or estimate the way parts can fit into your case. Careful planning, dimensions, and research will probably take you .

Near the motherboard dimensions, a few other parameters you need to take into account comprise: GPU span, supported fans size, air or water CPU coolers measurements, etc.

2. How important is a computer case?

A PC case is vitally essential as any PC components. Here are some reasons why you should Find a PC case:

Presentation: Could you want to look at a nice case or bare components without any arrangement? Unless you wish to shove your build to a drawer or something, the PC will probably sit at your desk and in your opinion.

It keeps the dust, divide water or java, pet hair, etc. apart from your parts.

Heating: as a result of its closed design, the case can help to sustain the temperature of those parts inside at a fair mark. Without a case, your entire components are prone to stealing or damage.

Cable management: You want to hide and retain each one of your wires in an organized method. What’s the easiest way to do that by storing all of them in a carton or modest space.

That would be to say all USB, music, DVD drives, as well as different relations, are at hand and you may get these readily.

3. Can I redesign my PC case?

Yes, you can. It’s even possible to construct a brand new PC with the latest parts using your old case. You simply need to take proper management of one’s case also it could last for ages. The major consideration here is can it house all of your new components comfortably. ATX or complete tower form factors are more preferable while miniature form factors are more challenging for upcoming upgrades.

4. Can airflow larger PC cases using increased empty room be a lot better compared to smaller ones?

Bigger cases permit longer fans in order that they may possibly have better venting compared to small cases. For that reason, they tend to have airflow. However, that’s not always the case.

The way a case is installation has a bigger effect on the airflow greater compared to the magnitude of the case. You have to check the number of fans, case design, cable management, components arrangements, buffs positioning, etc.. Without proper installation, a big case can still buildup much heat and become inferior to a more compact case.

In short, the capability to distribute hot atmosphere from the components would be what determines a case’s worth of air conditioning.

5. Exactly how many fans must I be in my own case?

You bet that the excess slots or mounts for adding more buffs will be of use for your PC. As mentioned above, cooling is essential, notably in gaming and picture intensive tasks. Therefore try to obtain a case that lets you put in at least 3 buffs on the system. And that’s not counting on the fans to get power supply, CPU, and GPU. At the very least, select a case by having an intake fan for the front, an exhaust fan to the back, and also one other fan.

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